Monday, January 5, 2009

bye china-Part 1

i'm back here..and finally i post my blog here..lets see wat i did in these 11 days trip..=)..and i wil post it by many part i think...

-the van arrived my hse at 6.00am
-and we arrived at the KLIA at 6.45am
-met up wit tourleader aftertat
-and we waited for our flight at there
-our flight time is 9.35am
-our flight is to GuangZhou
-reached at GuangZhou 1.30pm..
-really fainted..HATE!!!HATE CHINA AIRLINES..and my ear is so damn pain..
-we had lunch at GuangZhou
-free shopping at "JiangHanLu Walking Street"
-visited "Yellow Crane Tower",1 of three famous towers in southern China,the Yellow Crane
Tower is at the highest point in WuHan city,from there one can command a full view of the city
-transit to WuHan aftertat..It takes 1 hour something..started at 5.35pm..reached at 7pm..
-having dinner once we reached at WuHan..
-backed to hotel and rested,coz there's nothing to do..

lets the pictures do the talking..

this is my flight ticket..=)

while waiting for our flight..

my visa..==

malaysia airlines..=)

me and pei yee..

inside the plane..

had our dinner once we reached at the airport at GuangZhou..

this is their "gu lou yok"..damn red..nt nice..

after our lunch..thn we transit to WuHan city..

GuangZhou airport..

their toilet..==..redbox toilet hv this word oso rite??keke..

reached at WuHan..

inside the bus..

u can imagine how cold is there throught wat we wore..lolz

we had our dinner inside this nice building..

outside tat building..nice christmas tree..

spot the prawns..its disgusting!!!!!YAKS..its cold wan..

while we reached at the hotel..we saw this on the table..a gift from our tour..

and i saw this at the hotel..lolz

i juz love the jaychou..==

me and peiyou..

we hv the same scarf..coz its from our tour oso..==

p.s:the next day wil be continue later..hehe..stay tunes yea..

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