Saturday, January 10, 2009

Part 6

29/12/08..mon..10-11 degrees..
-had buffet as our breakfast..
-visited Ghost City..(some of the ppl visited Snowy Jade Cave..our group choose to visited Ghost
City..we gt 2 we either choose 1 of the tours..)
-had lunch after backed from Ghost City..(song dedication)
-hv a Swimming Snare Game..(no one go for it..and thy canceled by the time..LOL!!)
-Bingo..(i juz slept inside my room..dead tired)
-hv a Board Activity: "The Movie of your wonderful Three Gorges Trip"..(sleeping)
-learning series 6-Scarf Knot..(sleeping)
-learning series 7-China Folk Dance..(sleeping)Lolz..
-hv a New Year Pleasance..(sleeping)
-hv a disembarkation briefing for all of us..(sleeping..thn only asked from my sis..==)
-hv a farewell dinner wit captain..
-hv a New Year Party aftertat..
-its time to pay your bill..Lolz..(bill settlement,for those who's ever spend inside the cruise..)
-backed to room and camwhored awhile...watching tv all tat..thn only we sleep..coz its the
last day we stayed inside the cruise..='(
i'm ghost..==
Mr.Men.Little Miss..Little Miss

welcome to ghost city..=)
me..agnes..pei yee..pei you..

who can carry up the things and make it properly stay at there as the pic i show..tat's mean he's loyal to u..if cant make it stay at there properly..tat's mean he sure did something tat sry to u..this is wat the ppl said at there..=)
and here we go..we r ready to visited for the Ghost City..
look weird..==
nice view huh?=)
goin down..=)
me and pei yee..
guess who's them?
love the pic..

all i noe is COLD!!!!!!
pei you and pei shan..
pei yee..huey...=)
we keep camwhoring while in the cable car..=)

followed someone pose..u noe who u r..Lolz..
spot tat?
its S.H.E and Fahrenheit..

Louis Koo and Jolin Tsai..
my idol..Jolin..=)
while inside the small car..=)

big wind...
their orange is so so so sweet..=)
cold cold cold...!!!!!

took at balcony..

ohhh goossshhhh...CANDID!!no one noe tat my dad took this pic..even me oso dunno..==

be4 dinner..
buffet..i love buffet..=)
this is the place tat thy served dessert..
the last day having dinner inside the we took a the auntie..==
me look damn fat in this pic..==..i like this waitress..Lucy..=)
New Year Party..=)
these is from our tour..Malaysian Dance..
spot tat indian sexy GIRL..LOL!!!
our tour leader..=)
backed to our room after party..
took this at balcony..juz wan to showed the light..=)

nice??i likey..=)

p.s:i dunno wat u think..annoying..
p.p.s:part 7 coming soon..=)
p.p.p.s:y is u??

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