Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm backkkk !!

Im super lazy to update my blog :(
okayyy, the 1st is the Singapore Trip.
I'll jz post it as simple yea. coz im lazyyyy :p

went there with my frens, coz she asked me to joined them :)
so why not?? :)
started our journey around 8pm..
coz the driver need to fetch other group from klang.

took some pic inside the bus :) * jz ignore my super pale face*

be4 we reach singapore, the bus stopped at yong peng bus stop !
if you know me well, u wil know the reason y i feel weird whn the bus stopped there !
but, whn i came out from the toilet, my bf said ehh, i saw a guy look like 1 of your fren,
thn i was like huh? really? thn both of us waiting outside the toilet,
coz my bf said he went inside the toilet d. LOL !!!
manatau, really is my fren, his name CASH !!
his name damn yeng right? HAHA !!
thn chatted awhile with him there as well :)
the super bad quality camera ! blackberry -_______-

this is the pic we took once we reached sentosa :)
guess wat time we reached? 5am -__-
super duper early !!
all closed, jz the casino opened -.-
thn we hv to ciaoz at 10am..
the theme park all open at 10am -.-

me and khai ping :)
where u wan to go?? :P
me and magdalene :)
me, khai ping, yong hui, and ermmm...dunno.. lol
we planned to go its super strict !!
all of them can go in..
left me, khai ping and my bf..
 HAHA !!
magdalene them passed their birthday d, so they can ! :)
me and my boy emo d :(
lol !!
saw this outside the toilet.
all by law eh?? HAHAHAHA !!
jz woke up punya muka !!! -___________-
ohhhh, finally the sky turned into bright !! -.-
spot a black thingy hanging there? looks real??
it turning slowly actually :)
the lehh feehhhh me xD

we're hungry while waiting for the time -____-
so we had our breakfast there. ZA JIANG MIAN :)
its nice !!!
went to niu che shui aftertat..
after niu che shui thn we wil go to 1 temple..
after the temple thn go back to msia again -______-
but luckily me and my baby extended ourself there :D
when thy went to temple, we went to hotel by taxi ourself :)
their taxi... :)

i booked this hotel thru internet..
york hotel ! its nice and super convenient!!!
check-in and dress up all..
and here :)
the shopping mall !! i jz love their escalator :)
cute??? hehe
we had thai food as our dinner there :)
coz we hv to save money..
once we convert their money to ringgit..we wil feel WAHHH !!
LOL !!!
baby's pineapple fried rice :)
mine..always the tomyam meehoon :)
the crowded in singapore !! 
nice shopping mall !!
but all branded :)
ION mall :)
hv to lineup ehhh? haha
we walked around there until night..
and we had some dessert jz to pamper ourself :)
coffee club !! i love it !!
superr duperr uberrrr niceeee !!!!!!!
super niceeee !!
miss it so muchhhh :(
forgot wats the name for this :)
niceeee !!

walked around the shopping again..
thn we saw cakesssssss !!!
aaaawwwwwww !
we bought this for our supper :)
mine is the left, baby's the right !
look taste so so only.

the next day, be4 checked-out,
took a pic for our hotel room 1st.. HAHA !

we walked around the shopping mall again..
coz our flight is at 7pm..
and baby carrying those luggage all the way..
thanks so much :)
the ice cream..
it look superr nice !!! :)
miss it so muchhhh :(

and and and......
this super nice too !!!

and we had burger be4 backed.
baby's burger..bigger than me :)
mine...small burger..coz im fulled ! HAHA
he's happy !! HAHA

went to airport by taxi aftertat :)
goodbye singaporeee !! 
visit u again next timeee :D

more pics uploaded at fb :)

till then..
ciaozzz :)

next post wil update soon :)