Friday, January 16, 2009

Part 8

-had breakfast at JW Marriott hotel..
-many ppl having food poisoning coz of the "Mala" spicy steamboat tat we had on tues..
-quite many ppl juz rested at the hotel coz of the food our tour leader send them to
hospital as well..
-visited some place..its like a very very like a old place..keke..
-went for lunch after visited..
-went to XiaMen after lunch..
-from 2pm something until 6pm..we are all inside the plane between this time..Imagine it!!
-reached XiaMen at 6pm,and we had dinner once we reached there..i'm nt in a good mood tat
-went to hotel after dinner..this hotel quite nice..=)
-rested in the hotel aftertat..

pictures time..

my idol again and again..lolx..
LOL!!!disgusting rite??

this is how thy make..
look very man ar??lolx..
and here he go!!!=)

nt nice to see???bt very nice to eat..mis it so much..=(

i'm goin to do oso...muahaha..

nice rite??bt nt nice to eat..

i hate it!!!always transit here and there..faint!!

Poko Peko??=D
our hotel..CROWNE PLAZA..its a new hotel..and its 5 star..nt bad..=)
see how nice was it..=)

this is the night view of XiaMen..=)

p.s:is he bad???
p.p.s:thx for those care alot of me..i really love your so much..muacks..
p.p.p.s:babe teing..i wish can meet u up tomoro oso..=)

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