Saturday, January 24, 2009

Do u noe i miss u so much?

-went to midvalley wit my elder sis..
-and i gt 1 top from mng and topshop..i like it so much..=)
-had lunch at 1 korean i forgot wat's the name..==
-shop around there after lunch..
-off to home around 5 i think..

u can noe how lazy is me through by my posted..coz it's so short..Lolz..yes..i'm lazy...==

so lets the pictures do the talking...

look at my fat face..=(


and here..korean dishes..i don really like their kimchi..==

i cant finished it..==

p.s:juz received the 1st angpao from my beloved mummy..damn happy..the 1st and the biggest my mom so much...muacks..
p.p.s:i muss u so u noe tat??

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