Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Randommm !

im back againnn :)

18/4/2010 Sunday 

went to PC fair wit baby tat day.
and as u noe, PC fair is open for 3 days,
and i went 3 days if nt mistaken -.-
i noe im crazy !! :P

okayy, and i got my white baby tat day :)

my new baby 

but the film quite exp :(
it cost me crazy !
nvm, as long i can snap snap snap all my sweet moments wit my babes ! 

testing 1..2..3  

24/4/2010 Saturday

attended my baby's friend birthday party at souled out :)
after souled out, we went to ken's house which located at tropicana !
i jz love his house so much !!

bonnie and birthday boy :)
and the ken :)

guess who are them?

and here they are :D

the birthday boy teck guan wit the poodle name xixi :)
all his frens did this to him ! LMAO !

we ciaoz around 3am tat night :)

tats all !

28/4/2010 Wednesday

its our 6th monthsary !
so we went to Look Out Point and had our dinner :)
nth much to talk, so pictures here 



p.s: we've been gone thru many things, hope we can learn from our mistake yea ♥