Monday, January 5, 2009

Part 2

-had buffet for our breakfast at Shangri-La hotel,Wuhan,China..
-went to shop at the street..
-went to JingZhou,which is surrounded by walls..
-went over to our 5-star cruise ship"Century Diamond" by takes 5 hours something..==
-proceed to boarded the luxurious 5-star cruise ship "Century
Diamond" once we reached..
-enjoyed dinner on board..
-hv 1 christmas party on board..
-had supper after party..
-nothing special juz lets the pictures do the talking..
me and my sis..=)

the awesome breakfast..
me and peiyee...

like this..=D

i love this kids..damn cute...muacks
spot it..
its jaychou,angela zhang,and wilbert pan..=)
dunno who's scarf is tat..lolz..making "la mian"..
testing your eyes..=)
mayday ah xin..and dunno who's tat girl..==
"qian xi"
nice view..and having big wind..the wind can blowed u away..=D
4 of us..
again and again..lolz
i love this pic..
this is our room..inside the cruise ship..=)
dessert..want some?=)
while waiting for the party started..
pei yee,me,agnes,pei you..=)
this is some of their show..=)
p.s:to be continued..=)

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