Friday, January 9, 2009


went to yc wit siew huei at 6pm something yest..during the time we yc..and siew huei frens called..he asked her tat whether wanna clubbing anot..and thy planned clubbing at scarlet..its juz near by our we said ok..coz my fren siew huei never club y not??lolz..we yc til 9pm thn off to home and prepared..and i promised my mom tat i wil had my dinner after i had my dinner once i backed to myself prepared everything tat i needed after dinner..and i drove to siew huei's hse whn i'm done..waited for her to prepared everything tat she needed..and here we go...lolz..1st time drove to clubbing le..haha..met up wit her frens at scarlet once we reached there..we reached there about 11 something..and we juz sat down at there..damn bored..juz had some wine and beer..i don feel like wan to dance siew huei's fren de frens kept on invited goosshhh..i dowan to dance 1stly..thy invited me many times only i danced..i'm be forced..lolz...and 1 of their frens asked me to drink something like orange of coz i noe tat's alcohol...and i drink it..coz nt in a good mood..and its so damn juz go ahead...muahaha...and danced like there's no tomoro...haha...i never drunk le..geng anot??felt proud by myself...lolz..and whn danced wit his frens..ohh nooo..1 of their frens is quite hamsap i can said..iisshhhh...simply touched..wat the fuck??==..thy planned wanna go for 2nd round at poppy after ended up at scarlet oso..coz it was late dy..fetched siew huei backed to her hse after to home around 3am..and thy said wanna clubbing wit me next time...lolz...see 1st la ya..keke...felt abit fainted whn i lying on the bed be4 sleep..ishh..
pictures time..=)
me and siew huei..=)..i love this pic..
love it..
we used to share our secret u..
she's always beeing wit me whn i'm down and sad..=)

p.s:stil hv some pic at siew huei's hp..wil upload whn i collect from her...
p.p.s:ohh ya..stil hv 1 pic at dunno which guy hp..lolz..i juz waited for 1 of them to send it for me..
p.p.p.s:part 6 coming soon yea..=)
p.p.p.p.s:its nt so nice club at scarlet...==..quite don hv any lala at there..this is the advantages..lolz..

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