Friday, January 9, 2009

Part 5

look "kembang"..lolz..without make up..look pale..==

28/12/08..sun..7-15 degrees..
-had buffet as our breakfast..
-visited "The Three Lesser Gorges"..small boat took us to visited it..and we spotted
wild monkeys in the mountains..
-had lunch whn back to cruise..(song dedication)..
-the cruise passed by Qutang Gorge..
-hv a Guess Guess Guess game aftertat..(we won..=D)
-learning series 4-Vegetable Carving..(dint go for it)
-learning series 5-Cocktail Making..(dint go for it)
-hv a Group Talent Practice..(i'm be forced by tour leader to joined for it)..Indian Dance..==
-hv a mahjong playing..(juz saw for fun)
-had dinner aftertat..(its a Chinese Set Dinner)
-Group Talents Night after dinner..(we juz practiced for few hours and we gt num 2)..lolz
-backed to room and rested after danced...hell tired..

Pictures time..

the balcony of my room in cruise..=)..while passed by those Gorges..

me and pei yee..we r very very tired..

imagine how cold was it...=)


this is the boat tat we used to visited to those Gorges..

want some??==
spot me??
ohh..our funny guy in the group!!!lolz
dance dance dance..

and we gt num 2..=)

p.s:nt in a good mood..SHIT!!ohh yea..I miss the weather there...='(

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