Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Baby's 21st Birthday Bash ♥

Hey !
Im backed to my blog again !
wanted to blog last fewdays,
bt im emo, so no mood to blog about !
i hope everything will be alright !
because i dowan it happen anymore :)

well, this post is about my boy 21st birthday !
im so super late !
but i don mind, at least i post about it :)

i bought a birthday cake and Ralph Lauren polo tee for him :)
fetched babe phinn around 5 i think?
and my cousin tagged along as well :)
after fetched phinn thn we went to 1u,
becoz phinn wanted to get something for my boy.
we walked around the 1u, duno wat to buy for him.
bt luckily we got :)
after 1u, we went to kepong to take the cake,
around 8pm..
off to bf's house aftertat.
ohh gosshhhh ! im so nervous tat time. 
coz all his relatives there.
LOL !!!

and yessshhhh ! im lateee ! HAHAHA !
because of the cake mahhhh xD

nothing much to talked.
pictures here :)

goin to fetched babe phinn :)
my cousin :)

my boy 
took by babe phinn 
my always babe ! Phinn ♥♥
we duno hw to use my sis dslr -.-
purposely went backed to my hse and change to another cam -.-

and here !
The Birthday cake :)
the cake i bought for him :)
super nice cake ♥♥
bought it from De Pastry at Manjalara, Kepong.

his lovely parents :)

I planned to helped him take pictures wit his relatives wit the cake.
but.... all duno rushing wat -________-
so dint take much -.-
me and him ♥♥

and hereeeee !
see the way hw he make a wish xD
sembahyang or wat? LMAO !!!
funny shittttttt !!!!!!

oopssss ~
yam sheng ! bt i hv to cover my face !
coz my face look weird -.-
drink drank drunk !

with his frens :)
some of his frens dint attend -.-
due to my camera problem, everyone gone crazyyy ! LOL

while waiting for my cousin ashley and the gang,
the sing k at the living room :)

thy came around 1am i think?
took some pic inside the house :)
ooppsss !
wat happen to his eyes? HAHHAA
The Cousinss ♥♥♥

and here The Next Day !

He opened the present :)
the present i bought for him !
and im totally bankrupt -.-
BABE PHINN ! u saw something? HAHAHA
and he told me tat he like it vry vry much !

tats all.

May your dreams come true !
with love,
Huey Ying ♥♥♥

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

no one is perfect !

*ignore this post*

i really duno hw to express my feelings.
its so super weird ! and suffer :(
i know u changed. bt your lovely mum still the same !
so even hw u change, is still the same.
got it??
because SHE still the same !
treat u like a kid.
so u change or nt is still the same.
becoz wat she said or wat she asked,
u wont feel tat she is controlling u,
and u jz feel ohh, yea. tats right.
because you used to it.
you don even have your own opinion and any comment.
its because your LOVELY mum !
because she used to control u like tat, and you used to it.
so both of you feel nothing on it.
but if outsider, surely feel super duper weird !
AND, im the ONE ! -________-
and you is a BOY !!
u need your ownself thinking and opinion.
bt why SHE want to control this and that? -___-
pissed off !!
im a GIRL !
my parents don even care wat i do.
but u different !
i dunno what your mum thinking.
she need social life seriously ! -.-

just think about it.
tats your salary ! 
why she wan to pandai pandai say give it to your grandparents?
isn't funny??
if u earn few thousand nevermind !
bt u just work as internship ! just few hundred.
give shit meh? -.-
guan lei grandparents meh si?

and i bet, if u finish your salary, thn u get it from your LOVELY mum,
she sure said cannot ! you got your salary why still get from me?
so fast finish d?
tat time ar? i tell u, scold u like mad !!!
and next month gym ar?
i don even think tat u can join !!!
every months muz pay few hundred.
and your salary ! your mum pandai pandai give someone's else !
100% not enough to use lahhhh !
CRAZYYY ~ !!!!!!!!!!

do you know? 
sometimes i really feel to ask u married with your LOVELY mum !
and sometimes i feel to ask your mum to WAKEUP !! -.-

actually i duno how to say about it.
coz u feel nothing.
i damn speechless !
so i better keep my mouth shut !

why she wan to control your salary?? 
i duno why?
who u wan to give, how u want to use its all depends on u?
anyone's can tell me?? 

because u feel tats nothing.
and so u willing to let your mum control !
so watever lahhh !
you don have your opinion !
u willing to do everything for her.
and she's controlling you, 
bt you WILLING to do !
so i seriously speechless !
tats it !

p.s: i hope i can stand for it -.-

FIFA World Cup 2010 ♥

ohhhh, times flies !
finally, world cup over !
everyone's back to normal life eh?
i dowan it finish actually -.-
nvm, see u again next 4 years :)

and yeahh, i support SPAIN !! ♥♥
SPAIN !! The Champion !!!!
our love DAVID VILLA !!! ♥♥
bought Spain jersey wit baby !!

went to Piccadilly watched the final match wit baby and his frens !
the place there damn happening !
backed around 5.45am.
its tiring bt super happy !!! :)

nothing much to talked.
pictures here :)

AP file photo
AP photo

their coach !!
Vicente Del Bosque !! LOL !!!

my love DAVID VILLA !!! ♥♥♥♥

Spanish superstar David Villa knows he has just made history as his side beat Portugal in the first ever all-Iberian world cup match. Spain won the game 1-0, ending  Portuguese ambitions in the tournament. // Spanish superstar David Villa knows he has just made history as his side beat Portugal in the first ever all-Iberian world cup match. Spain won the game 1-0, ending  Portuguese ambitions in the tournament. (AFP)

5 GOALS weyyy !!!!

so so so serious !! LOL !!!

Semi final,


Paul the octopus predicts SPAIN wil win.
and yeaaaahhh !!!



their happy face :)

CASILLAS !!! the Goal Keeper !! ♥♥♥♥

happy til cry eh? hehe

so sweet of him ♥♥♥♥

Spain celebrations ♥♥♥♥

AP photo
sexyyyy ! HAHA !!

AP photo


Champions of Europe 

and now 

Champions of the World !!

Viva España !!!!

p.s: wrote all and save as draft, once i reached home wan to changed something, once i press the undo, 
all gone !! no mood ! so here's the simple update again !