Monday, August 31, 2009


this is jz a very random post..went to 1u again last few weeks..
jz becoz im too went to 1u to find my dear for lunch..=)

girls like to camwhored...=D

i wil update for my post as fast as possible..
becoz all this picture is last few weeks wan..haha

stay tunes yea..^^


Sunday, August 30, 2009



tomoro is our national i think all of u muz be goin to somewhere for countdown..
bt as i noe,due to the H1N1 and puasa,there's no any party for countdown...
no more fireworks oso...boring??hahaha..

jz wan to say...happy 52th to our country,malaysia...=)

if i nt mistaken,i think is 52th...XD

and now,lets shout...




anyway,im goin to maison later...for countdown??LOL!!!


Thursday, August 27, 2009


went to 1u to find my dear to had lunch so so so free...haha
and where to go after 1u? normal..went to my grandma's house..
YES,i used to go there for every sunday..i noe im a good girl..haha

me and my sis...=)

wit my niece,rene..=)

i love u so much babe rene..muacks..=)


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Simple day ♥

last week,went to 1u and bought some cosmetics wit my dear..had lunch wit her be4 tat..=)
nth much to

me and my sis...=)

and my dear did some eyeshadow for me...hehe...thx so much..=)

in blue...haha..

went to santuary wit my frens aftertat...and evern joined us as well..=)

me and evern..look damn fat in this pic..omg!!='(

me and vicky

me and jia yee...


p.s:i hope i can stop the time...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

auntie's birthday♥

last 2 weeks ago,went to my auntie's hse for her birthday party...=)
nth much to talked pictures here...

wit my maid...=)

me and my cousin..


everyone's was crazy wit it...muahahaha...XD

everyone's singing birthday songs...happy birthday to u,happy birthday to u~~!!!

the family...=)

and nw...see hw cute is the cupcake...=)

i missed out 1 actually...wit different smileing face...duuhhh~!!

my maid...=D


damn cute right??

a very normal flower..haha

wil try my best to updated if i'm free...=)


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hennessy Artistry♥

lets the pictures do the talking...lazy to type...haha
coz its all about hennessy artistry party last time...
nt tat nice actually...quite bored...haha

all of us forgot to bring our camera...too its using our hp to took..pity..haha

me and phinn tan..=)

me and jacqueline...


look dark..

the girls...=)

p.s:i try to u try to i gt nothing to say..

Monday, August 10, 2009

Don't JUDGE a book by it's COVER!!

i wil nt upload any of my photo in this post..coz there's something i wan to say..AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!

at 1st,i NEVER ffk u ONCE oso!

2nd,about tat hennessy artistry party,my frens oready booked a ticket for i cant cancelled for it by the time!

3rd,i felt sad once u told me the truth!

4th,do u feel happy if i really go to the club and meet your? *mayb u do*

5th,i think u NEVER treat me as your bestie ONCE oso!if u do..u wont treat me like that!

6th,please think be4 whn u wan to do something!

7th,don be so childish please!


u "gap" wit your frens to lie at me..and i really believe wit it..becoz i really treat u as my bestie..i used to called u aftertat..and u stil dare to said "go la..go together la.."

can u pls behave yourself?luckily i din called backed to your fren,and luckily i don hv any mood to club tat day..and my hp was in low batt tat time..OHH,THX GOD!!if nt i think your wil open a big party at somewhere else..or jz laughing like no body business..

u never think tat hw if i really go there to meet wit your?or u wan me to die?don u think u r so childish?can u pls don be so childish?

and i noe tat u never plan to tel me the truth actually..jz becoz i asked u on the next day hw was the club yest..thn i think mayb u felt guilty whn i asked u?so only u told me all the SHIT wat your did to me...

and of coz i hv to thx u for being honest to least i noe wat kind of ppl u are NOW!

u broke our friendship by yourself!!

and i hope u know tat its not easy to build up a very good friendship!

and now only u felt its too late!!

i really dunno WAT THE FUCK u are trying to do..and i dunno wat's your mind!!

as i noe, all of u are failed in your planned!!

wan to play me 1 more time?if your answer is YES..and im here gonna to say you're welcome to do IT AGAIN to me..=)




To all of my frens..jz wan your to know Don't JUDGE a book by it's COVER!!!

p.s:i really felt disappointed on YOU!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

hey here againnnn~!!!!!!Lolz...
the others day went out wit my cousin last few weeks...=)
camwhored at her house and my hse be4 we went out...

black & white hueyy...=D

me and my pretty cousin...


wit her puppy name happy..=)

we went to 1u aftertat..met up wit her frens...i met 2 new frens..=)


new fren evvon..=)

4 of us...

again..huey,lovey,evvon and ashley..=D

me,ashley and lovey went to had wan tan mee aftertat which is nearby seapark i think..
and we went for beer after wan tan mee...some of the guys joined in aftertat..=)

me and lovey..=)

we ordered much more than tat...=D


and here....look who's the cuttest??LOL!!!!!!!


louis??kenny??wai cheung??

and ashley kept took picture there...haha

im promoting i-phone here...Lolz

tats all...ciaoz..=)

p.s:u're impossible to find..