Thursday, January 29, 2009

happy OX year..1st day

woke up pretty early..had "mee shua" as my breakfast which is oready prepared by my mom..aftertat we went to my dad's side grandma hse..once i reached there,guess wat i did??of coz collect angpao la..rite??muahaha..and we started gambling i cant gamble this year i think..nt really in good luck...=(..around 4pm..we went to my cousin's new hse..which is located at cheras..had dinner at there and we gambling again and to home around 1am..=)

pixxies time...

me precious baby..=)


we had dinner at damansara palace restaurant..had a early "tuan yuan fan" wit my family..due to my elder sis wanna back to aus dy..and my dad went to mardagascar for
pictures time..

yu shang...=D

yu cost RM70 for each..we ordered 4..=='''

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