Monday, January 12, 2009

Part 7

-had buffet as our breakfast inside the cruise..
-Disembarkation after breakfast..=(
-the cruise stopped at ChongQing..
-visited the People's Memorial Hall..
-visited the People's Square..(which is infront of the People's Memorial Hall)..its something like
a gt sell many fake branded bag,wallet and etc..
-bought 1 bear hanger for myself,its only 20 RMB..means its only rite??keke..
actually the bear hanger cost 45 RMB..and i talk and talk and talk wit the sales girl..thn finally
she gave me the price tat i wan for 20 RMB..=D..
-bought some hp hanger..thy sell 5 RMB for 2..and i talk again wit the sales man..lolz..he sold to
me 5 for 10 RMB..means 5 for RM 5..hehe..
-had lunch at restaurant aftertat..(its a "Mala Spicy" steamboat..its very famous at ChongQing)
-went to the "Silk Factory" after lunch..
-went to hotel and took a nap..keke..
-we stayed at JW Marriott Hotel,ChongQing..its a 5 star hotel...DAMN NICE!!!!!
-had dinner at the hotel at 7pm..their food nt bad..=)
-juz stayed at hotel after dinner..watching tv,ate some fruits tat served by our YangTze Tour..
and walking around inside the hotel..=)
-tat's all for my 30/12/08..

pixxies time..

i'm old..LOL!!

can u spot the word there??

and here it is...guess wat so special for the "LanTingXu"..nothing special your can tel me wat is tat..=))) me throught the chatter box there yea..
those ppl at our FAKE thy made it til like the real wan..==
do u like Jay Chou??haha..the bear cute??

me and pei yee again..=)

its an insect actually..SILK!!!!!!!!

"Mala Spicy" steamboat..=)

geese de "Chang"..i dunno how to call in english..haha..

geese de "Gan"..=)..this 2 quite famous at ChongQing..i'm forced by someone to tried for it..its
juz ok ok i wont eat again..LOL!!!

dessert..guai ling gou..keke

nice??thy gt a dvd player for nice??hehe

iron..LOL!!!i juz love this hotel..=)
had coffee during the time i watched tv..lolz

fat!!!!!!!!!!!coz....juz guess how many tops i wear..hehe

christmas tree...




p.s:Part 8 coming soon..==
p.p.s:everything has been changed...
p.p.p.s:i need u my 2 bestie...u noe who u r...=)

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