Saturday, February 27, 2010

1st day of CNY

everyone's noe tat CNY is same day wit Valentine's day.
think alot of couples cant celebrate together wit the love one !
and im the 1 of the couple -.-
as usual, went to my grandma's hse at the 1st day of CNY every year ! :)
all wearing new clothes, new shoes, new bracelet and all !
super happy tat day. coz of wat??
sure la angpao !!!!! XD

camwhored again be4 goin to my grandma's place.

in chinese tradisional, have to eat "mee suah" as breakfast at the 1st day of CNY !
i dunno your same with me anot la. haha!
i like mee suah so much ! NICE !
on the way to my grandma's place :)
the cousin, Jackson Low !
cousin num 2, Ashley Low !
cousin num 3, Low Xinli !
the cute little cousin num 4, Low Xinling !
cousin num 5, Tan Shuling !
cousin num 6, Felisya Low !
cousin num 7, Low Ruimen !
so damn many pics -.-
crazy ! LOL!
stayed at my grandma's place the whole day !
and take care for ashley puppy's happy !
so damn cute ! :)

tats all.

I love u Lim Wei Kiat !

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

the late post !

went to pavilion wit baby.
i jz wan to buy bra from xixili at pavilion. LOL!!
new year, new bra ! LMAO !!
everything in new =P

camwhored again ! =P

seriously, the point i went to pavilion tat day is..
i jz wan to get myself some new bra for cny ! LOL!!
after bought it thn we walked around thn ciaoz d !

once we reached there, thn i called my mom.
coz my mom went there wit my lil sis..
and we oready planned to have lunch together !
so yea ! we went to Dragon-i :)
tat day was the 1st day he met my mom..
and everything goes well ! :)

tats all !

my baby is back finally ! ♥

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy CNY & Valentine's day ! ♥

valentine's alone at pj here -.-
hmm.. wat to do ?
coz cny is the same day wit valentine's !
baby went backed to his hometown..
so we are far apart nw..
bt stil i feel your love here

had reunion dinner at my grandma's hse jz nw :)
nothing special oso.
and and and~~~~~
i wonder y the weather now are super duper hot !!
not much diff wit an OVEN -.-

ciaoz !


Friday, February 12, 2010

the day at FullHouse ♥

went to full house wit baby and my lil sis..
supposed to go my grandma's hse every sunday..
we wil go there every sunday since i was small..
bt now.. me and my sis don like to go d..
coz its super sien !!
and nothing to do at there..
jz wait for the dinner, after dinner then ciaoz -.-

anyway, pictures here :)
this is wat i ordered :)

my sis, she was like ALAMAK ! XD

me and baby ♥
the another wan :)

and this !!!!
super funny!!!


til then..
ciaoz !

for you,
i think too much sometimes,
and u always told me don think so much,
and im trying til the day we settled,
i felt so sorry to u once u told me tat night,
i noe u love me so much,
and u're really good to me,
and i trust you always !
luckily we settled,  if not we wil sad again next time !
and of coz i hope it wont be happen again next time,
if nt i jz scared i cant stand for it :)
wat u did tat night, i really appreciated it !
u did it becoz of me! :)
I love you ! ♥

Saturday, February 6, 2010

a simple wish ♥

went to curve wit baby.
make a wish at curve.
new year new wishes !
hope it wil come true =)

The wishes from me

wishes from baby

we hang our wishes there !
hope our wishes wil come true !

and and and....hmm..
i d forgot wat we did tat day..
don waste time..
next post ! LOL!

went to 1u to buy WooHoo ticket..
manatau all fulled ! =.=
make me pek cek ada !
we planned to buy at cineleisure aftertat.
and luckily we got a nice sit.
we bought 2 couple sit..and 2 normal wan.
coz my cousin and sis tagged along as well =)

baby tat i love
ohh yea..the movie started at 5.45pm..
and we went in at 6.30pm..
it was my 1st time late for movie seriously -.-

ciaoz ~

p.s: my best friend is the one who brings out the best in me!♥

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Grandma's Birthday ♥

celebrated Grandma's Birthday at Damansara Palace Restaurant.
nothing much to talked about.
it was like whole family gathering tat day ! :)

pictures here !
me and my lil sis :)

me and my elder sis :)
YES !! my Elder sis !
i know i look older than her. hmmm
wit my beloved mom.
i forced her to take. LOL!!
my sis !
and here wit ashley :)
nice to see and nice to eat !! :)
candid by me.. haha

tats all..
ciaoz !

p.s: everything will be alright !