Thursday, January 29, 2009

happy OX year..2nd day

woke up at 11 something..and dressed up myself as fast as i can..coz my mom called me and asked me for working..coz 1 of the staff mc..==''' went to my mom's side grandma's hse my grandma and grandpa nt at home..thy went to others relatives hse..we used to visited every chor 2 at my mom's side grandma hse who noe thy r nt at the hse tat i had to fetched my lil sis to my cousin's hse..and me went to my mom office after send my sis to to my cousin's hse after work..had dinner at there..and we started gambling again..and my mom backed home around 11..due to me drived myself tat i can stayed at there abit more..around 1am something..we decided to had supper at uma rani..and we went there til 2am something thn off to home..=)

pixxies time...

LOL!!!!!!see how yeng is this nikey..==

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