Thursday, December 31, 2009

♥Taiwan Trip♥ 5th day

-went to taipei..
-went to "gu gong"..something like museum..damn bored seriously..==
standing there oso wil feel sleepy. can sleep even jz standing there..imagine!!!=___=
-went to "zhong lie chi" aftertat..and we saw 1 handsome.. LOL!!!
thy quite pity actually..standing for 1 hour..cant even move once oso..think of it!!

can u see the line on the floor?? damn straight right??
this is the line thy always walked..trained..think..hw straight??
thumbs up for them right? =)


-went to 1 "yi su zhong xin"..something like feng shui wan..
-wat thy said really damn zhun!!!thy said my relationship nt tat good..
-make me kept think about it..eeewwwwww~!!!

and here..behind us tat wan is a doubt..its a hotel!!!!
our tourguide said alot of ghost there..coz after earthquake..thy build it again..

lunch time..saw m'sia restaurant there? =)

camwhored wit felisya after lunch..

-101 aftertat..DAMN NICE!!!!!!
-their lift damn fast seriously..up to 89 floor jz need 37 seconds..hw fast???=)
-the wind there damn strong..and im wearing dress..eeewwww


me and my elder sis..

there got alot of this cute thingy inside 101..=)

inside the lift...damn nice right?? =)

wwweeeeee :D

damn nice!!!!!!!!

look my cousin at the back

felisya and me glow in the dark..LMAO!!!

look the yellow thingy behind me..
tats the way they control this building whn earthquake..=)


wit the christmas tree..=)

-went to "xi men ding" aftertat..
had "mee shua" there..NICE!!!!!!!!!

it look nothing the taste was like WAO!!! HAHAHAHAH

his enjoying face...LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"shi lin" pasar malam aftertat..
tried their chicken..something like uncle bob chicken..
bt its diff wit m'sia..
damn big!!!!!!!!!!!

it look same right?? bt damn huge seriously!!!!!!!!