Friday, January 22, 2010

Louis's 21st private birthday party!

we got invited by louis.
his private party at sunway villa..
coz this party is jz for his close frens..=)
all i can say is sunway villa is so damn nice!

and yes! all muz WHITE tat day! haha
bt some of them nt really look WHITE! =.=

im fatter nw! SHIT! =.=

went to had our dinner be4 goin to sunway villa..

Huey Ying ♥
Wei Kiat ♥


after dinner thn off to sunway villa! =D

ugly pic of the day!

baby driving there. LOL!

and here..reached thn non stop snapping wit ashley's cam!

me wit the lovey dovey ♥

wit my cousin ashley! ♥

4 of us!



spot wai cheung behind =.=

trying to do some funny face! XD

the couples!

Girls with the Birthday boy Louis! =)

and here.......

baby, u look "kayu" here! =p

why gt the Gold Medal?
coz we gt a game!
see who's the drinking champion!

my drinking partner of the day!

after the game! baby drunk d  =P

and the winner goes to...................!!!!!!

KEVIN!!! =.=

we had fun tat night!
damn happening! =)

tats all!!

sis goin back to aussie tmrw :(
cant wait for my thailand trip!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Canton-i ♥

went to 1u wit baby after worked.
we had dinner at Canton-i.
nothing much to talk about!
let the pictures do the talking =)

stunning! LOL

baby non stop snapping! XD
and nw is my turn! HAHA!

i know u wan to laugh-out-loud! NGEK NGEK!

til then.

all the best in your exam baby! ♥

Monday, January 18, 2010


went to S.W wit baby..
damn jam seriously!!
met up wit ashley and her boy once we reached.
walked around there and had dinner at U-village..
yc session wit the gang at night. =)
boys went for snooker..
and girls sitting down there and enjoyed our tea. LOL!
pictures here.

likey =)

on the way..

camwhored non stop =.=

couple num1...Weikiat and Huey ying ♥

couple num2... Louis and Ashley ♥

til thn..

i think lots of things tat day.
and i cried at last.
i dunno y oso =.=
nothing happen bt i cried.
bt hope it wil solve so tat i wont even think about it again!