Wednesday, January 14, 2009






p.s:i love u my babe teing..muacks..
p.p.s:i really dunno wat u think..i wan to noe it pls..

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PhiNN said...

Dear..Be tough ya:)
No matter what happen,you stil your best friends around right...
Don't sad bcuz of a guy, its not worth...
It just he dont know he had met a good girl,he will fail to meet one again...
Do be more happy and enjoy ur life^^
There are stil lots of handsome good guys waiting for you...or even some will love you more than him..
You have ur own value,you must appreciate it...he nvr appreciate mean he is bad...he is poor...
So u must keep going your life wif brightness..go further to gain more happiness...
dont try to blame yourself,u ady did ur best!!!
Jia You^^