Sunday, March 14, 2010

S.H.E Concert ♥

went to midvalley wit my baby
we went there jz survey for the blackberry phone :)
coz got Digi Roadshow there
thy promo for the blackberry
once we reached there and we straight survey for the phone
and its quite cheap !
and both of us are in love wit the blackberry
coz baby's phone oso used damn long time d
is time to change. haha !
bt me? i bought is becoz i love the phone and coz i strike number.
HAHA !  
bt i damn sam tong wan actually ! coz my money all gone ! HAHA !
bt nevermind, coz im in love wit my blackberry nw

and we took a couple num for ourself. HAHA !
couple phone,couple num. sweet right? ngek ngek !

after we bought it thn we went to bukit jalil for the S.H.E concert :)
we dunno hw to luckily i gt GPS !
HAHA ! usefull !!! :)

nothing much to talked.
dint managed to take pic during the concert
coz i dint bring my camera and im enjoying the concert ! HAHA !

so let the pictures do the talking :)


snapped a pic wit baby be4 goin out 

tats all
ciaoz !

actually, i dint tot of tat i can attended to their concert this year
bt my baby gave me a surprised.
the S.H.E ticket is the gift for our 4monthsary from my baby :)
althought the ticket is nt the most front wan.
bt as long as we can see, can listen then can d..
 i noe u are trying your best to give everything to me.
i really appreciated alot !
i really love u so much !
mwahs ♥♥

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chap Goh Meh !

went to I-city wit my family and some of my cousin :)
baby tagged along as well !
all i can tell is the place DAMN NICE !!!
and we tot gt fireworks there bt don have..
thy gt fireworks at saturday..
bt we went at sunday :(
so its passed ! aikss..
bt nvm, stil nice :)

nothing much to talk,
let the pictures do the talking !

the moon is big and round tat day :)

NICE ???

my cousin and his wife and son :)

dad and mom !

whn i reached there. i was like WAH ! like inside a dream ! HAHAHA
little cute boy, casper
me and kiat
and many ppl queue for THIS !!

sweet sweet love
full of tang long !! HAHA
cant even see our face ! haha

i look so pale in those pic -.-
coz dint makeup and sweating like hell !

tats all
ciaoz !

i appreciated u always ♥

Angpow !!

CNY end d !
need to wait for next year d :(
so wat to do if CNY is end?
sure is start to count the angpow we got
and hw much we got? LOL !!

so pictures here :)
this is wat i got ! :)
the middle wan is the most BIG !! its from my mom :)


tats all
ciaoz !

i dunno wat i thinking yest
and i mm song u yest
im sorry about tat !
and i hope u can change it for wat i said in the car jz nw :)
i dowan it happen again and again !
coz its nt good for our relationship 
and i noe u dowan to lose me and me too !
love you !

Monday, March 8, 2010

the 8th day of CNY ♥

the 8th day of CNY,
i dunno where i went d seriously =.=
bt i can rmb i went to dataran sunway and had my dinner wit baby and my lil sis :)
the one i

tats all
ciaoz !

im speechless sometimes whn u did the SAMETHING !
dunno wat u thinking about -.-
its nothing, bt you made the problem !
its super weird !
i don like actually, i hope u wil change it !

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The 6th and 7th day of CNY ♥

the 6th day, jz took 1 pic. haha
went to aunty's house at 1st,
after aunty's hse thn uncle's house -.-
thn cousin house !
wat a FULL day i had ! :)
and its good for me =P
coz can go here and there !
papago everywhere XD

the 7th day of cny,
i forgot where i went d -.-
jz let the pictures do the talking :)

tats all

jz backed from S.H.E concert wit baby ♥