Thursday, January 8, 2009

Part 4

27/12/08..sat..2 to 5 degrees..
-had buffet as our breakfast..
-visited BaDong ShenNong Stream after breakfast..
-had lunch after visited ShenNong Stream..(Song Dedication during lunch time)..
-the cruise passed by Wu Gorges
-hv a group photo snap by our tour while the cruise passed by the Wu Gorges..
-hv a kite flying competition..(i juz played for fun wit my cousin at there)..=)
-the cruise passed by Goddess Peak..
-hv a learning series 2-SiChuan cuisien..(juz saw for fun)
-learning series 3-Dumpling..(juz saw for fun)==
-hv a triathlon game..its a eating competition..(be forced by somebody to go for it)..i'm
stil gt prizes to get..nt bad huh??=D
-hv a newspaper fashion design competition..(our group lose oso) nt bad le..keke..
-had dinner,hv a game party after dinner..=)
-ChaCha nite..tat's y thy learned how to danced ChaCha the day be4..==(boring..juz saw those
auntie danced)...
-backed to room for rested and watched tv..

pictures time..=)

the nice corridor to our room..==

this is wat i mean for the luxurious 5-star cruise..its most luxurious,Largest river cruise in the world..=)

went to visited ShenNong Stream..


this is the transportation tat we visited the ShenNong Stream..

we crossing all these Gorges by the small boat..=D

lolz..freezing soon..damn cold..!!!
kite competition...
me(at the back)==,pei yee and my sis..=)
our dinner..its salmon fish..=)
a famous artist in china..=)..he drawed by hand..

he drawed a draw for this uncle..this uncle is from hk..=)

p.s:nt in a good mood...part 5 coming soon..=)

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