Sunday, January 18, 2009

Part 9

1/1/09..thurs..happy new year..=)
-went over to Taiwan-JinMen Island by ship..
-visited "ZhongShan Memorial Hall",its something like army place..
-visited "Gong Tang Factory"..."贡糖" to know the procedure of "Gong Tang" making..
-visited "Knife Factory"..and etc...
-and we told the tour guide tat we want to get something from 7-eleven..coz we all noe tat
taiwan 7-eleven gt alot of things can buy..nt same as malaysia..muahaha..
-we bought alot of things at 7-eleven tat we cant even find it at malaysia..haha..
-backed to china by ship again aftertat..==..hate the ship..make me fainted!!!!!!!!
-reached hotel rested for 45 minutes,thn out for dinner..the dinner is damn NICE!!!!!!
-backed to hotel after dinner..=)..and my dad told our tour leader tat we wan to
cancelled our trip on 2/1/09..coz we wan to back to our hometown by ourself..=)

pixxies time..=)

nice view..


thy making "Gong Tang"..its so damn nice!!!!

yea..welcome to JinMen..=)

the cute small glasses..
actually this is for alcohol..=)
coca cola..vanilla..=)
bt we...for coke cute..
its very nice..=)

welcome to taiwan..=)
this is wat i mean for the army place..==
like a real person man!!!!

knife factory..=)..can u spot the knife..=)
this is how he make the knife.=)
oohhh my god..its many types for u to choose...
oohhh my gooosshhhh..goin to crazy..i wan it all...LOL!!
my favourite cinnamon..=)

hello kitty..=)
Angela Zhang..its Lay's "Mala Spicy" Potato Chips..

dinner time..=)..jay chou again..and angela..==


p.s:part 10 coming soon...
p.p.s:received some bad news from my cousin juz now..fucker!!!
p.p.p.s:i'm stil the same...y??i wish i can change myself..i hate myself..

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