Monday, January 19, 2009

Part 10

-woke up at 8.45am..had breakfast after dressed up myself..
-we cancelled our trip by ourself..coz my dad wanted to went back to our hometown as
we followed my dad as well..coz we never been there be4..=)
-my dad nephew came and picked us up at hotel..he reached at 10.30am..our hometown is at
"Nan An"..from XiaMen to Nan took 2 hours something,almost 3 hours..==
-reached there aound 1pm..and met up wit our relatives there..
-thy cooked some dishes for us..and its very delicious man!!!their vege and rice is nt same as
Malaysia..miss it so much...=)
-and thy gave us AngPao,we got 4 angpao from 4 of our aunt at China..its 100RMB for each,
so totally we got 400RMB..means its RM 200..LOL!! =D
-my dad had dinner wit our tour us went to my dad nephew hse having some soup
from his wife..=)..we don wanna to had our dinner wit our he brought us to had Mc'D
as our dinner,and shopping..
-we got many things at their Watson's..China's Watson's nt same as malaysia..their Watson's is
better...damn many things to buy..especially sweets..lolx..
-after shopping..thn he fetched us back to our hotel..coz he wan to chit-chatted wit my dad..2 of
my relatives came over too...and thy went up to my dad's room had some chit-chatted session..
-2 of my relatives gave us AngPao oso..its 1ooRMB for each oso..tat's mean 200RMB..totally we
gt RM400 tat day..damn happy wan lo..haha...
-enjoyed our tidbits tat we gt at Watson's after thy all backed...

pixxies time...

Left side??yes..hehe..malaysia all is on right hand side...lolx..

on our way to hometown..=)

this is wat thy cooked...mian xian..=D
and thy cooked again..==..damn nice lo...

the fresh vege from them..=)..thy plant it behind their hse..


who's him??lolz..gong xi fa cai..lolx

their fried chicken from Mc'D..its small and cute...muahaha...

damn nice!!!!!!!!!!!!

and here...i'm enjoyed it..haha

3/1/09..sat..the day we backed...
-had breakfast after dressed up myself...
-visited Olympic Museum and etc...
-went to airport aftertat..and its time to backed..
-reached at malaysia around 7 something..and waited for our luggage all tat..its around 8pm
something dy...
-nt in a good mood after i backed...='(
pictures time...

this is wat i ate every morning at China...nice...

Olympic Museum..

damn many types..==

its an used be4...

i likey..=)
damn cute...

on the way to the airport...

flight ticket...
malaysia airlines...

we r waiting for the fight...

wit our tour leader..grace..=)

p.s:finally i finished my china trip..==
p.p.s:its very hard to forget...y??its painful...='(

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