Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Part 3

-had buffet as our breakfast..
-visited 3 Gorges Dam..
-had lunch after visited..had (Song Dedication)..=)
-entered 5-Step Ship Lock..(quite special)..
-hv a introduction of new and old 3 Gorges..
-hv Calligraphy+Chinese Brush Drawing competition..(i juz saw them drawed)
-hv a learning series 1-Line dance&Cha Cha..(dint go for it..haha..juz rested inside the room)
-mahjong playing..(dint go for it,dunno how to play)lolz..
-bingo..(dint win and oso din lose)..Lolz..
-hv a captain welcome party..(i juz rested inside the room)==
-welcome dinner
-crew theatrical performance..=)
-backed to my room aftertat...tired and lazy..lolz..stil hv karaoke time actually..=)

lets the pictures do the talking..

cant really see..==
this is wat i saw on the bed once i entered the room..a gift from our tour..=)
imagine how cold was it..=D

me and pei yee...

look at my ugly face..==
fat??guess how many tops i wore..

me and my cousin..=D
look proud??haha
i learned from someone..i mean the pose..lolz..

spot the girl at the back there..haha..

its cold..cold..cold..and cold!!!!!!!!
this is wat i mean for the 5-Step Ship Lock

and here..opened..=)

damn many cars inside..==

3-Gorges Dam..
inside the cruise..
our dessert after dinner..=)

our crew theatrical performance..nt bad..=)

p.s:part 4 coming soon..=)

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