Wednesday, December 24, 2008


-went to fetched ashley at ikea around 12pm i think..
-went to 1u aftertat..
-bought some stuff tat i needed to bring it to china..
-damn rushing..==
-off to home around 5..
-after having and ashley went to hartamas and bought the bubble tea..
-we went to the curve after hartamas..
-walking around there..and we had a drink session at there..
-chit-chatted for non stop wit ashley..
-off to home around 11pm..
-packed my luggage..

stay tunes..


p.s:bodoh..we bought the shawl...damn nice!!!!!!and the bubble tea is so damn nice man!!!!!!!wahaha..finally we got it at the curve..and don miss me yea..and i noe u wil...=)
p.s:ohh yea..i'm nt gonna to sleep today..coz i need to reach at klia be4 i need to prepare everything is oready 3.30am..i need to get ready for u all don miss me yea..muahaha...i noe u all sure wil miss me 99!!!XD..wil be post whn i'm back on 3rd of jan 09'..bye..=)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


juz stayed at home for whole afternoon..and ya..i'm damn emo for the whole day...feel wanna mood at all...keep on called my frens and chit-chatted..and my sis keeping telling some jokes to make me i din laugh..juz smile whn there's a really funny jokes..if nt i really wil one wil noe how was my feelings..its really pain..='(..keeping force myself to sleep in the afternoon..i repeated it again and i cant even sleep!!!!!!!!HATE!!!!!ohh yea..we went to KLIA juz now..fetched my sis back..we juz used half an hour from my hse to sis bought me some stuff...oohh..its very nice man!!!!i like it so much...thx so much to her...wahahah...muacks...nth to talk dy...very emo!!!!!!no mood at all!!!!!!tat's all for my post..

p.s:i wanna talk to u..i cant be stupid dy...really...=(

Monday, December 22, 2008


i'm back here..and i have to mention tat i'm super tired nw~!!!my more energy..==

ya..i'm juz back from malacca..wat i did in these few days in malacca??hmm..nth special actually..

-i never sleep once on thurs nite..
-go and fetched my fren..siew huei..
-went to puduraya bus station by putra at kelana jaya at 8am something..
-reached malacca around 1 pm..and my boy came and picked us up at bus station..
-went over to our hotel aftertat..
-took a nap once we entered the hotel..died tired..
-yamcha wit my boy and his frens..
-having dinner wit his family..
-supposed to clubbing at we ended up and yc wit bunch of his frens again..
-back to hotel around 5am i think..

-woke up around 9am something..
-check out around 11am i think..we changed to another hotel..
-went to his hse and having our brunch..wat's my brunch??its soup..lolz..
-went out yc again wit his frens..
-back to his hse after yc..we have a rested once we reached..
-having dinner wit his family..
-off to our new hotel around 8pm..
-went to clubbing around 11pm..
-yc again after clubbing..
-back to hotel around 5am..

p.s:we juz slept for few hours..and we keeping yc for non stop..lolz..all his frens r so funny..u wont be boring whn yc wit them..ohh yea..i was juz sitting at the DJ place whn clubbing..nice man!!!can saw all ppl dancing there..y can i entered into the DJ place there?becoz they r my bf frens..and their music r so nice...better thn supper club wan..hehe..coz supper club sometimes keeping repeated..wth rite??haha..

-woke up at 7am..
-prepared everything and got ready to checked out and back to kl..
-bought bus ticket..9.30am..
-nt really wan to go back actually..coz my boy..='(
-we gave goodbye kiss to each others be4 i entered the bus..
-reached kl at 11something..
-went to sentul station by lrt..
-my mom fetched me at sentul station..
-off to my grandma hse..
-had "tang yuan" as my brunch..
-slept at living room from 12 to 4pm..i'm really dead tired..
-having dinner wit my relatives..
-off to home around 9pm..

p.s:we juz slept 1 hours something..tired tired and tired..ohh!!my goosshhhh...i miss the kiss tat we gave to each others be4 i back..haha..i juz love u so much my boy...miss u always..muacks..

many ppl went to malacca in this holiday..y huh??lolz..ohh elder sis is coming back tomoro...wooohhhoooo~!!!we wil go and fetch her at airport..hehe..cant wait for it...hehe..and something nt good for me too...SHIT MAN!!=(

happy "dong zi" to everyone..LOL!!!


p.s:i really cant wait dy my heart was very pain whn tat thing happened it again and again...='(
p.p.s:love u as always of coz...muacks..

Friday, December 19, 2008


ya..i'm very stress..stress for some reason...i'm a bad girl rite??ya..i noe i'm a bad girl..=( aunt came to my hse today..thy cooked "gai xi ho fan"...its very very nice man!!!!!!!!i like it...and went to 1u wit my aunt and my cousin...coz thy wanna bought some tops or even pants for cny..thy gt it of coz...and i gt myself 1 pair of earrings from padini...its very it..i saw 1 of my malay classmate at padini concept store..hoho..she working at there..chit-chated wit her awhile..while waiting for my cousin at fitting and my lil sis went over to starbucks bought our favourite drinks..coz we are damn to home aftertat..and i make some prawns wantan for "gai xi ho fan"..ohh..its my cousin birthday awhile aftertat..thn having dinner at 7something..blowed cake around 9..and we went to playground for chit chatting wit my cousin after cousin back around 10pm..and my dad's frens came over my hse around 10.30pm...coz thy wanna eat "gai xi ho fan"...its delicious...=)..ohh yea..i did my hair colour yest..cant see it clearly throught by pictures..==..

here's some of the pictures tat i took today..

i likey(:

me and pui yee..=)

here's the birthday boy..=)

happy birthday to u..muacks..

a simple birthday cake..=)
forgot to show u all this cute baby on my earlier post..i love this baby so much..haha!!i wil be busy in these fewdays..coz i'm goin to malacca tomoro morning..need to go be4 goosshhh..its 3.00am now...few more hours only..i think i no need to sleep today..haha!!wil be back on sunday..oouuuhhhhhh~~!!!! i juz cant wait it..=)..tat's all for now..muacks..

stay tunes yea peeps...

p.s:i'm very stress now..dunno wat to me pls GOD!!!!
p.p.s:can u give me a good answer?i cant wait dy..=(

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

i love my babe girls.

and 3 of us..=)
went out wit my babe girls today..i really miss them so much...and yeah..we met up each others today...*happy-ing*..and i was late..supposed to wake up at i woke up at 10something..almost 11am dy..and thy r on the way dy..lolz..i teached them all the way from sentul to my hse..haha!!coz thy dunno the road..i'm stil busying make up whn thy reached my hse..and yeah..thy waited me in my sry girls..let your waited for me like to 1u once i dressed up..and having my brunch at mcd..after mcd and we planned to took pic...we always did it whn we went for shopping together..=)..and we busying took pic wit those cute we din buy 1 oso...=.='''...camwhoring like there was no tomoro...hahahahahahahah!!!off to my home aftertat..and we busying send those pic tat we took on each hp..thy 2 back to home aftertat...nth much to talk..juz lets the pictures do the talking la..
1u...nice huh??=D
me and khai ping..

merry x'mas everyone..=)
we love the bear..=)

wat pose is this??==
i like this..=)

i juz love u 2 very very much..=D

juz finished yc wit huei..DAMN!!F.U.C.K~~!!!u all noe y?whn we was yc tat time..i saw gt a guy keep staring at us..wat the hell??!!i dunno wat race is him...mayb indian or "wai lao"...he oready paid the bill i he was stil sitting at there..whn we wanna back tat time..and he back!!i drove my car as fast as i can..coz i'm scared he wil follow us..and whn i passby his car..he bye bye to us...OMG!!!me and my fren don even bother for wat he did those damn stupid thing..and PLS la..go to hell better...SHIT!!after dropped by huei..thn i drove as fast as i can and went back home...DAMN SCARY!!!!ohh babe rene girl is crying for non stop today..coz she's nt feeling well...damn pity..i think i wil send her back tomoro morning..if nt i really cant stand for it..and i dowan to see my babe cry again and again...=(
its 0345 i don wanna to sleep 1st..haha..stil gt many pic wan to upload i'm u guys can check it out at my facebook album yea..thx..=)

stop here..

p/s:i love my babe girls..=)
p/s:i miss u like mad..='(
p/s:i can wait for u to make your i gt my limit for waiting oso..

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

supper club.

juz back from starbucks...lets talk wat i did in these fewdays yea..friday..went to ikano wit my lil sis and cousin..we went there juz for fun..coz we gt nothing to do at home..after ikano..thn we straight headed down to kl..and i went to fetch 1 of my cousin..coz she wanna to followed us and went to pm..and once i parked my car..and it was raining..wth??!!!bt we waited inside the patient abit la kan??muahaha...luckily juz raining awhile only..we bought our dinner at pm..and went back to my grandma hse aftertat..we back to home after having our dinner at my grandma hse..tat's all for my fri..=)

saturday..went to my dad office..becoz i need to helping i reached there at 3pm..its was late i dad ngam me..=.='''...and it was a damn heavy rain be4 i reached whole body r wet..even i'm wit an umbrella..damn suck...wth...=.=...and i went to my grandma hse as fast as i can after worked...coz i'm very rushed tat time...need to dressed up nicely and went to cousin kept rushing at me...lolz..coz we need to ate be4 we went to supper club...and i noe i'm i oready tried my very best to make it early..=)..hey..this was my 1st time went to clubbing..haha..damn outdate right??=(..haha..and i changed my hp wit my cousin's..coz her phone camera is better thn me..5 mega pixels man!!!so y not??haha...i drove to my cousin hse once i dressed up..and i parked my car at my cousin hse..coz my cousin's bf fetched us go..haha!!we went there around 10pm..there r around 30 ppl going together if i nt mistaken..and i saw 1 of my fren there too..ah bel..haha..i drank 2 and the half bottle of heineken and 1 glass dunno wat mix wat..=.='''..lolz..and i started dance after i drank alcohol..=)...and i felt i'm pening whn i i don care la..haha...and my cousin wanna find her fren..coz her fren is at outside..thy ate "lok lok" cousin ate too..i juz ate satu biji meat ball...we all r goin tipsy..i cant even walked properly...pening like hell...Lolz..after we ate,thn we go in and dance again..haha..and my heineken hilang dy once i back..dunno which ppl took dy..==..stil gt half bottle luckily my cousin gave me another was half bottle oso..she said she dowan to drink i drank of coz..haha..i like clubbing..i like it so much..haha!!and we went back home around 2 am...i overnite at my cousin's hse..i felt wanna puke once i reached at my cousin's i'm nt of coz..haha..slept at 6am..and woke up at 9am..Lolz...

i juz took few let's the pictures do the talking yea..=)
be4 goin out..=)
me and my cousin..=)
me and jessie..=)
4 of,jessie,and 2 nice girls..forgot wat's their name dy..sry..=D
forgot wat's the girl name oso..i mean the 1 wit blue colour tops..hehe..
muacks..=) i had mentioned i woke up at 9am..i wake my lil cousin up once i woke up..coz we planned to had breakfast together..we had our breakfast at uma rani which is located at jln ipoh there..=)..headed to my grandma hse after our breakfast..coz i wan to removed my makeup and oso bathed..i noe i'm no choice..coz my stuff all are at my grandma hse..haha..i quickly removed my makeup and bathed once i reached at my grandma hse..really cant stand for it..i felt tat i'm dead tired after i done..we had our lunch around 4pm at mutiara complex..send my cousin bck and went to my mom's side grandma hse as we did on every aunt's cooked "gai xi ho fan" as our dinner...aaaawwww~~!!!!it was damn delicious..haha..headed back home around 9pm..and my niece and nephew overnite at my house..=)..i took a nap at living room once i reached home..really cant stand for it..woke up at 11something..thn to bed around 3am was stil early for me..hehe..coz i'm tired..=)

Lets the pictures do the talking..

lets see how charm i look..=(..coz without makeup and i'm dead tired..
rene girl..=)

enjoyed our ice-cream..=)

monday..woke up at 1am i'm stil tired like hell..Lolz..juz stayed at home for whole day..ooohhh mom bought me 2 jacket and 1 cap from was so damn nice..i juz love it very much..=)..its 1 of japan brand..LIZ LISA..which is located at macau..i saw damn many nice tops inside tat my mom said its very expensive man!!!bt she bought me a cap from there oso la..haha!!happy..=D..and their packing is so damn nice!!!!!

nth to talk dy...stop here...=)
p/s:i cant wait to see 2...miss your very much...we meet up tomoro...happy..=)
p/s:i miss my dear so much...miss him like mad..=( u..muakz..

Friday, December 12, 2008

talk to me.

i went to work yest..coz my mom was i need to helping out..=)..i felt very tired while i'm working eyes quite pain..='(..i think its coz of i'm nt enough sleep in these few days..damn tired man~!!!had our dinner after work...nth special yest..and i'm always waiting for someone to called me at nite..hmm..nt nite i morning..=.='''slept at 7am something..and i woke up at 12pm dad woke us up...coz i need to helping out something..and oso my photo is ready..its at 1u kose took my photo juz nw..and straight went to work..=.='''..wat again??tired,tired and tired!!and something happened..make me felt super down~!!!!i don wanna talked to anyone tat time..juz keeping sms wit my babe khai ping..i juz love u so much biet..muahahaha!!!and i kept think the way for someone..and finally i found out the only's my planned for u??good rite??haha...juz now went out and bought vanilla cream from starbucks again..dunno y i very very love their drinks nowadays..=.='''..and when i wan to started online juz now..u texted me..oohh..its so sweet msg from him to me...hahahahaha!!!u noe i juz love u so muchhhh!!!!nth much to talk dy..i'm very lazy to post my blog today stil here..=)

its a calendar from magnum..i juz love it so much..nice rite?=)

ohhh yeah..i wil nt be online in these fewdays i secret..cant wait..and i'm goin to supper club on sat..juz cant wait it..haha!!

tat's all..

p/s:biet,i very worry about u actually..u told me tat u cant sleep well in these fewdays..u need time to rest babe..really..and u juz don think so much..ok??muz be tough yea..muacks..we muz meet up 1 day yea..loves..
p/s:cant wait for sat,coz i'm goin to clubbing at supper..=D
p/s:i love u u much much man!!!!muacks...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


had a random party yest nite..=.=..erm..its stil okay for me..lolz..met up wit some of my cousin..its been an age din meet up wit we do chit chatted at there..=) dad bought pizza hut and kfc for our dinner..and some soft drinks..
hawaiian chicken..=)
pictures tat i took yest..=)

i'm become fatter and fatter nowdays..='(

nth much to talk about yest..juz chit chatted wit my cousin at there..and we off to home at 12am..i online once i reached home..ha!!oohhh cousin overnite at my hse til this sat..=) til 3am something thn off to bed..
and i woke up at 12pm something mom woke me up..supposed to wake up at i cant even wake up..lolz..hell it was late...coz we need to accompany my mom went to dressed up myself asap..and we headed to 1u at 1something..had our lunch at dragon-i once we reached..coz my mom was so hungry tat time..i juz ordered 1 mango sai mai lou for myself..coz i'm nt hungry at all..lolz..even my lil sis and my cousin too...coz we had our brunch be4 we went out..they 2 juz ordered ice lemon tea..ha!!
mango sai mai lou..yummy(:
after we ate..and we walked to mom decided to bought some tops..coz she's goin to macau tomoro...but she cant found the top tat she sis gt 1 top at there again..=.='''...aftertat we shop around the mom bought her stuff at there...and i asked her go to la senza..coz i wan to buy bra at there..lolz..their bra is so nice man!!!i gt 2 bra from there...quite expensive actually..haha!!and we went and bought some donuts as our breakfast for tomoro at big apple..and we off to home around 4pm i think...and i drove to starbucks there's around my hse area here once i reached home..coz i juz miss their chocolate cream chip so much..haha!!and i started felt sleepy at 10pm..always the same..i always felt sleepy at 10pm..dunno i took a nap while watching drama wit my mom..haha...and my mom woke me up whn they finished watched..lolz..and i'm here online now!!!i'm vry happy coz i gt it at la senza..muahahahaha!!!nth much to talk dy..stop here..ciaoz..


p/s:u gave me a surprised yest..its really a big surprised for me..=.=''' u nt yet make a dicision til now..i'm afraid of u..muacks..