Thursday, January 29, 2009

happy OX year..3rd day

and today..hehe..supposed to woke up at i cant even wake up..coz i'm mom woke us up at 9am...and i'm very rushed..coz my cousin hse hv "lion dance" around i dressed up myself as fast as i can and straight went to my cousin whn we reached there..we r the 1st reached there..and the "lion dance" was late..wth??!!Nvm..its ok..hehe..after "lion dance"..and we started gambling again..and i noe tat i cant gamble this i kept take care of my cousin's baby..its so damn cute!!!!!!!!haha..had dinner at my cousin's hse..thn my cousin decided went out for i din drive my car..coz i was followed my i borrowed my cousin's car..babe teing,nikey,me and my lil sis...4 of us went out for yc at steven's corner which is located at setapak..and my mom called me suddenly..she asked me whether gt bring out hse key anot..i said no..and she said she wanted to went to genting wit my cousin..thn she asked me drived her car backed to home after yc..she leaved her car keys at my cousin's hse...thn i said ok..=)..erm..we sheesha at steven's..this was my 1st time for sheesha..i'm nt a smoker..and i hate sheesha is stil ok for me..coz i like the smell..we choosed the grape flavor...ohh...i damn like to home my cousin home at 11pm..collected my car and off to my home aftertat..=)..and i'm stil waiting for my mom now..coz i hv to open the gate for her..Lolz..

pictures time..=)

on the way goin to my cousin's hse..

me and my babe teing..

u noe tat i heart u so much..


and here..many lengzai..=='''

lion dance..Lolz

damn cute..


me and my pui yee..=)


me and yoong..=)

wat happened to your eyes??lolz..

me and pui yee again..=)

Lolz..she like me carry her like this..XD

i love u my babe rene..

and i'm busying for take care if this cute baby..=)


CANDID by babe teing..look at the bag..its belongs to my cousin..its a real LV bag..Lolz



p.s:i'm very happy today..dunno y..juz love 2 of my cousin so much...
p.p.s:i hope i can do it..=)
p.p.p.s:i love sheesha..Lolz
p.p.p.p.s:meet u all tomoro..muaks...

happy OX year..2nd day

woke up at 11 something..and dressed up myself as fast as i can..coz my mom called me and asked me for working..coz 1 of the staff mc..==''' went to my mom's side grandma's hse my grandma and grandpa nt at home..thy went to others relatives hse..we used to visited every chor 2 at my mom's side grandma hse who noe thy r nt at the hse tat i had to fetched my lil sis to my cousin's hse..and me went to my mom office after send my sis to to my cousin's hse after work..had dinner at there..and we started gambling again..and my mom backed home around 11..due to me drived myself tat i can stayed at there abit more..around 1am something..we decided to had supper at uma rani..and we went there til 2am something thn off to home..=)

pixxies time...

LOL!!!!!!see how yeng is this nikey..==

happy OX year..1st day

woke up pretty early..had "mee shua" as my breakfast which is oready prepared by my mom..aftertat we went to my dad's side grandma hse..once i reached there,guess wat i did??of coz collect angpao la..rite??muahaha..and we started gambling i cant gamble this year i think..nt really in good luck...=(..around 4pm..we went to my cousin's new hse..which is located at cheras..had dinner at there and we gambling again and to home around 1am..=)

pixxies time...

me precious baby..=)


we had dinner at damansara palace restaurant..had a early "tuan yuan fan" wit my family..due to my elder sis wanna back to aus dy..and my dad went to mardagascar for
pictures time..

yu shang...=D

yu cost RM70 for each..we ordered 4..=='''