Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lennie & Dexter wedding♥

i noe im super duper late for posting this post..hahaha
attended my cousin's wedding in the morning..
nothing much to talk about..
simple and nice..=)

thy printed this out..special right?hehe

LOOK!!! "ah ma,ngo dak jor lahh!!" LOL!!!!!!!!

im lazy to makeup..=(
and my someone said tat i look damn pale..
asked me to sleep early..==
bt i dowan..haha!!

the bride and the groom..=)

me and my babe sherly..=)


wit my babe nephew..casper..=)

off to home aftertat..
coz i wan to meet up wit my baby..hahaha!
around 6pm..we went and took the cake..
my mom bought a cake for them..nice right?
and oso brought champagne for them..=)

while on the way...camwhored wit my lil sis..

and here..the nice cake..
DL means the groom Dexter and the bride Lennie..
guess hw much??
it cost 450 bucks...gooshhh!!
bt who care?coz its nice..haha!


their rings..=)


my cousin's husband..drunk d..LOL!!!!!!!!!!

nikey and the baby casper..

wish dexter and lennie happily ever after..=)


p.s:miss your massage..haha! 3 more days. ♥♥

Monday, November 23, 2009

the day wit anna♥ FINALLY i went out wit her,anna..
damn long dint meet her FINALLY..
since her she dated me out..
went to fetched her thn off to pavillion..
nth much to talk..jz walking around there..
pictures here..

forever 21..=)

J.CO donuts..



and this...anna bought it...damn cute right?

tats all..

today was the day tat i felt so warm whn beeing wit u all the time..
1st time had dinner wit your family..
i was so gan jiong actually...haha!!
and yea..i do love u lots..
thx for beeing wit me all the time..
appreciated!! ♥♥

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


sry for my super late post...hehe
halloween at poppy..we gt invited by elouis toh..=)
we went to 1u be4 tat...
had lunch at wong kok..

babe phinn...

nth much to talk...

poppy aftertat..=)

our ugly pic..

me and toh wen xin..=)

me and phinn..

we did took lots of pic tat all jz fews here..=)

and the next day which is 1/11/09..
i dy forgot wat we did tat day...duhh
think is watched jennifer's body if nt mistaken..

snap snap snap again..hehe

babe,rmb wat we did aftertat?haha!!
funny man!!!!!
bt too bad cant show here...haha

tats all...kinda lazy..


gt to work for an event for tmrw and thurs..
wish me luck..

p.s:hope everything go smooth tmrw and thurs..=)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


28/10/09..went to cheong k wit my babe phinn...
and we had our brunch at there..which mean greenbox..
and our brunch!!!!!!


went to greenbox wit my cousin...
nothing much to talk..
pictures here...

me and pik koon...


LOL!!!!!!!tiring punya macam...LOL!!

went to 1u wit babe phinn and my baby weikiat..=)
and simple shopping day...

look like a giant..haha

camwhored again be4 goin..

went to watched the football matched after 1u wit the gang..
ManU vs Liverpool...
and i wan to say again....liverpool suckkk~!!!!!

and here...i dunno whr i went d...hahahahah!!
think its a simple day out wit my lil sis agnes...=)

i felt tat i look damn dull without makeup nowadays...duhhh


p.s:i do u very much..