Monday, February 2, 2009

happy OX year..4th day..

the 4th day of cny..all of my relatives came over to my hse..and i woke up around 1pm...thn i straight prepared everything tat i aunt came my hse after i bathed..Lolz..and i had my brunch around 3pm...==..and thy started gambling after my cousin all are me nt..coz i noe tat i cant gamble this year..lose lose lose and lose...=='''..damn charm..='(..and we all had dinner at damansara palace restaurant which is near by my hse..after dinner and all of them backed to my hse again..and started gamble me playing wit my cousin..played fireworks..and got burned..=='''..damn pain man!!!!!=(..after got burned thn i stopped and started chit-chatted wit my cousin...1 of my aunt stayed at my home..thy whole family stayed at my hse..wat a good news yea...Lolz...and 1 of my cousin oso..coz her husband oready thy stayed my hse oso...of coz my cute little niece rene girl...=)...i went out yc wit my cousin around 12am..and of coz i brought my little cute niece too...haha...see how good am i...LOL!!!!off to home around 2am...and started online..and chit-chatted wit my cousin be4 to bed around 4am...and woke up at 10am on the next day..damn tired..


me and my babe teing..

me and nikey..



i heart u...

see how nice is babe teing ever..=D

in the damansara palace restaurant..=)

nikey and yoong..

i'm fat..

i likey..=D

1,2, we go..lou sang..a MUST 1st dishes during cny in Malaysia...=)

red wine..=)

me and pui yee..=)

she's nice..=)

keep camwhoring inside the toilet..==

me and my babe niece,rene girl..=)


i look like so scared..=='''



me and raquel..

heart u

followed someone pose..==

me and jessie..=)

OMG!!!so cute..=)

be4 went out yc..

me and pui yee again..

p.s:i wish i can do it..=)..wish me luck..

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