Thursday, February 5, 2009

happy OX year..6th day

erm..went to my cousin hse once i dressed up..chit-chatted at there as usual..and went out to had dinner wit my cousin and aunt..where we go after dinner??saturday nite wor..haha..ya..we went to supper after and my cousin rushing all the way..coz we need to changed our tops and make up..Lolz..had much fun at supper..i'm happy on tat day..coz it can help me to forget the things tat i wan to forget it...=)..hope i can do it as fast as i can..went to yc after supper..and i'm quite fainted..LOL!!!!!went backed to my cousin hse after yc..and me overnite at my cousin hse tat day..=)

pictures time..

me and nikey..nikey..i noe u r so happy tat day...muahaha..

me and nikey again..=D

3 of us...

the birthday girl...=)

the birthday girl wit her bf...

the sweet couple..=D


me and min yee..

nikey is tipsy..lolz

blur blur blur..=='''

p.s:damn bored..
p.p.s:i wan a new hp..=(

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