Monday, February 23, 2009

i need my babe all the times

18/2/ to t.s wit my babe khai ping..coz she oready dated me for many i din make once for her..haha..sry yea my babe..and i asked her overnite at my hse..coz we backed late tat day..well..we caught 2 movie tat day..Lolz..the 1st is LOOK FOR A STAR..the movie started at 2.15pm..ended at around 4.15pm..we gt nothing to do aftertat..and i asked khai ping wan to watched underworld 3 anot?coz i said it was damn nice movie..and she said ok..and we went and bought the ticket again..the movie started at 4.35pm..ended at 6.00pm..this was my 2nd time to watched UNDERWORLD 3..Lolz..and met up wit lay hoong and alvin at gong woh tong aftertat..haha..chatted awhile wit them and we headed to the gardens aftertat..y we wan to went there suddenly??coz of the some reason..muahaha..u noe i noe la yea?Muahaha..everything goin smooth tat day..=)..and me was damn hungry..went to original kayu to had my dinner wit my babe khai to home at 11 something..and chit-chatted til 4.30am something only we sleep..haha..and we need to woke up at 8am the next day..coz i had to fetched khai ping backed..=)


my ugly pic..=)

my another ugly pic..Lolz

14/2/09..sat..its was a big day for all of the me is was valentines day...had dinner wit my relatives at nite..headed to barcelona aftertat...hehe..due to somes problems..made everyone was damn dulan tat luckily it was good yest..=)

p.s:i'm sick..=(
p.p.s:help me?anyone?

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