Tuesday, February 10, 2009

i'm tired enough!!!!

-went to had steamboat as our dinner..
-my mom treated all of us..coz...haha..secret..XD
-off to my aunt hse after dinner..coz we haven bai nian at her hse..=)
-juz stayed at her hse and chit-chatted wit my cousin..
-off to home around 12am i think..


me and my sis..=)

the very long table..fainted!haha

i noe my face is very fat..==

-went to bangkok wasabe wit my mom and my lil sis to had our dinner tat day...
lets pictures do the talking..coz i'm lazy..=)

the very BEST tomyam..yumyum^^
its damn delicious...chicken..=)

orange juice..=)
pineapple rice..=)

p.s:tired til the max!!!!!!!!

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