Friday, February 6, 2009


2/2/09 is almost all of the chinese wil pray "tian gong" me din..coz i'm out to viewed fireworks at manjalara..==..i went there wit my fren..we went to DPC for after we reached there..we don think wan to yc at to manjalara aftertat..we went to De Pastry for yc session..ordered 1 black forest cake and 1 ice tea for myself...aftertat..we went to siew huei fren's hse..coz there can see damn many fireworks...and me and siew huei walked to the bridge there..nt bridge actually..its highway i think..keke..wao...its so nice...can see damn many fireworks..and we juz enjoyed there..there r damn many car stopped at there and enjoyed this nice viewed...=D..aftertat saw lion dance at her frens hse for awhile..and we to original kayu for yc again wit siew huei..coz we gt damn many secret to tel...LOL!!!!!off to home around 3am...=)

lets pictures do the talking..=)

camwhoring be4 goin out...

black forest..<3
damn cute...=)
candid by siew huei...

the ugly look of me..=)

damn nice...



p.s:i miss u so u dunno..=(

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