Wednesday, February 4, 2009

happy OX year..5th day

as i had mentioned tat some of my cousin and my aunt overnite at my hse at my earlier posted..and aunt woke us up at 10am..coz we all needed to had dimsum at restaurant which is near by at ampang park i dressed up myself once i woke up..and i fetched my aunt and uncle and my cousin to the restaurant..and we ordered wat we wanted,and of coz took some pic,and chit-chatted as usual..=) to my grandma hse aftertat...since we gt nothing to do at my grandma hse..and my cousin planned to t.s..thn we go..hehe..we went to gasoline for our lunch and shop awhile the backed to my cousin hse..and thy started gambling me juz chit-chatted wit my cousin..and we planned to yc at steven at nite..and sheesha no more sheesha for me anymore..coz i was vomit after sheesha...mayb its nt suitable for me..Lolz..and it make me to home around 2am if nt mistaken..and i vomit again once i reached i stil online to bed around 4am i think..

pictures of the day...
me and yoong
me and pui yee..

sei nikey...muahaha
me and babe teing..


me and my lil sis...look at my face..nt feeling well..=(

p.s:can anyone tel me y???especially YOU!

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