Sunday, February 22, 2009


13/2/09..went to pd wit siew huei..the day be4 we went to pd..i cant even sleep..Lolz..mayb i was too excited coz wan to go pd wit siew huei..hehe..din sleep 1 day le..haha..damn tired tat day..went to fetch siew huei around 8am if i nt mistaken..went to had our breakfast at 1st..after breakfast thn here we go...haha!!!and i was the driver..muahaha..used 1 hour to reached near was it huh??hehe..juz me and siew huei only..i noe gt abit crazy..haha..coz we 2 wan to forget something..u noe i noe la..haha..and we walked at the beach...its was so damn fren gt sunburn le..and me juz become abit dark only..i'm lazy here..=)


siew huei said i gt many pose whn i pump..

it look if u walk near..u wil noe how NICE was it...lolz..

she's lying at there..muahaha

siew huei leg..and my leg..haha

shadow shadow..keke


relax relax relax...


damn tsunami..haha...

ah fa is is siew huei..haha

jump jump jump!!!!!!

and at fren alvin asked us to club at poppy..i don feel wan to go..coz i din sleep 1 day dy..and i juz backed from pd was damn my fren siew huei forced me to go..thn i juz go..coz i never been there be4..hehe..all i juz noe tat i'm tired..tired til the max!!!

at siew huei room..=)

camwhoring while waiting for alvin to fetched us..

poppy garden..


p.s:i am tired..
p.p.s:i'm sorry coz i was drunk at barcelona yest yea..hehe

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