Monday, February 23, 2009


21/2/09..sat..went to had dinner wit my relatives again..Lolz..and waited for my fren stephanie called..coz i need to backed home and waited for her bf to fetched me..whn i on the way backed home..i had received her called..and i told her tat i'm on the way backed home dy..hehe..reached home at 10.30pm..and she reached my hse at 11pm..and we headed to barcelona aftertat..i was drunk tat nite..Lolz..1st time i drunk..and its more next time..i juz wan to tried how was the feel whn drunk..who noe??=='''...something happened to me tat nite..erm..don wanna to mentioned it again..=)all i noe is i'm drunk...Lolz..went to mamak after club..coz i cant backed home wit my drunk face..keke..and i noe tat there was many ppl looking at me..coz i'm drunk..haha..and i vomit to home around 4am..and i vomit again inside my toilet..ohh goosshhh..really no more next time..luckily i stil wil removed my make up,washed my face all tat..haha..after all tat..i straight sleep..cant stand dy..woke up 12pm the next day..and i'm fainted..went to my grandma hse at to home at 9 something..and i online again..and i felt tat my body was so hot suddenly..i'm sick again..eewwww!!!sick again??coz be4 i club on sat..i oready nt serious la..juz abit only..after danced oso felt tat i'm nothing dy..manatau??=='''..and me now really no more energy whole body was pain..hehe..stop here..and pictures here..=)

me and wendy..

me and stephanie..=)

this make me quite fainted..haha



me..stephanie..and..i dunno wat's her name actually..Muahaha..

p.s:sick..stay away from me pls..==

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