Saturday, February 21, 2009

Underworld-Rise Of The Lycans

y i updated the past always?? wonder one wil care..coz i'm lazy..haha..stil gt many pic wan to upload and post wat am i did for the day of the pic..11/2/09..went out wit my fren..hui hoon and geok was like 100 years dint meet each others dy..muahaha..supposed went to s.w meet them up at last thy came 1u and met hse very near by 1u thy came here better..haha..and we caught a was a really damn nice movie tat i never seen be4..LOL!!!!!!bt i oready watched 2 times dy..1st time is watched wit hui hoon and geok lan..haha..and 2nd times is watched wit my fren khai ping last 2 days if nt mistaken..hehe..i wil update my post as fast as possible..coz of my stil hv alot of pic nt yet upload at my blog better cuts all of the craps now...and juz lets the pictures do the talking..=)

had dinner at nite wit them at station 1 which is near by my hse here..=)

me and hui hoon..she's a very nice girl..=)

me and geok lan..=)


love u...hehe

so sweet la u..haha

geok lan..

p.s:goin to barcelona tomoro nite again..==
p.p.s:hope everything wil go smooth as i think..=)

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