Tuesday, March 3, 2009


hey all...long time dint updated my blog dy..coz i was sick for 1 week..i am suffered for 1 week..damn pity..=(..i got "ju mou dan"..='(..bad luck!!!if its juz a normal fever thn i stil can stand for it...bt thn this "ju mou dan"..i really cant stand for it...really felt wanna die..hmm..went to visited 2 diff doctor..and i injected 3 times..my goosshhh!!!bt nt pain la..muahaha..and had blood test for 2 times...duuhhh!!!i juz stayed at home for 1 week...never go out for 1 week...really really......nothing to say...Lolz..went to t.s last sunday..coz i'm stil nt feeling well in the morning..so i decided headed to t.s wit my cousin and had leong cha at "gong woh tong"..and met up wit alvin at there as well..=)..the auntie mix the leong cha wit a powder of medicine...wa!!!!it was damn damn damn pahit...=(..bt i got to finished it oso..coz i wan to recovered it as fast as possible...and i ate 2 guai leng gou oso..hehe..and i bought many guai leng gou for my family..haha..i noe it was so many..bt don wanna to mentioned it here..u noe i noe thn enough..muahaha...off to my grandma hse around 7pm...had dinner at there thn off to home around 10pm...i noe i'm lazy to blog..haha..this is some of the random pic tat i found it out at my hp..haha..so lets the pictures do the talking..=)
like a ghost..haha
took few of these whn out wit my babe cindy last time...

ooohhhh mmmyyyyy gggoooddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its ssooooo damn ccccuuuuttttteeeeee!!!!!!!baby casper..muacks...=)

this is 1 of my super ugly pic..can scare ppl...muahaha

this is last time whn be4 out to barcelona...

this is the day we went to dong can si..=)..spot the baby..heart him..hehe

p.s:nw i feel abit better dy after i had the leong cha at "gong woh tong"..don worry yea..=)

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