Friday, December 5, 2008

wat a great month..=)

me look so tired..=.=

ashley picked me up around 2something..we went to tmn tun had our lunch at 1st..we had thai food as our lunch..thai??so wat??of coz tomyum favourite!!we ordered set lunch..its very cheap..its juz cost 12 bucks per person..=)..we chit-chatted at there til the restaurant goin to closed..haha..
tat table is special for 3 big boss i love their decoration..nice..=)
this is wat my cousin ordered,tomyum fried rice..=)
and this is wat ordered,tomyum noodles soup..=)
and these is our dessert..cendol and bobochacha wit durian..=)

my cousin,ashley..=)

we off to 1u after lunch..coz ashley wanna buy the mascara which is from estee lauder..and me decided to buy the dress tat i saw tat i had mentioned i wan to buy the dress at my earlier post..=)..and i gt it today..:D..after we bought the stuff tat we needed..thn we went to the boutique which is near by my hse area,kota damansara..=)..we shop at there like non body business...LOL!!coz we saw 2 dress at the magazine,and we fall in love wit the we went to baby doll's and tried our favourite dress..oohhh yea...its very nice!!!!!we bought it of coz..=)..and my dress is the last piece man!!!!luckily i gt it today..haha!and i gt 1 top at the other boutique oso..=)..spend quite alot of money in these few days..='(..supposed to have a drinks at starbucks after we shop around after we shop it was quite late canceled to home at 9pm..damn tired..took a nap while watching drama juz now..hehe..tired like hell...

i wil go there again wit my aunt tomoro..coz she wan to shop the boutique oso...and i'm always the free..haha!!so y not??=)..wat a great month i hv huh??lolz..*happy-ing*

stay tunes..


p/s:i do really miss u dear..i'm always waiting for your msg..hope u wil make it asap..i really cant stand dy..='( u

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