Monday, December 8, 2008

hell tired.

i slept at 4am something yest..and he called me at 6am..omg..juz slept for 1 hour something nvm..whn i saw its his called..and i don feel wan to sleep dy..coz i'm happy..haha!half an hour we talked i think..and i cant really sleep back at 1st..keeping thinking i fell asleep at last of coz..=.='''...and my mom woke me up at 8am something..eewww~!!its was killing me..juz slept for few hours only..i'm dead tired now!!i need a rest man!!!haha..u all sure wan to noe y i wake up so early rite??haha..coz we are having dimsum at tai thong,my lil sis,my mom and my maid..haha!!
nt so many ppl..coz its stil early..=)
pei dan porridge..(:

char siew bao..
lobak gou..lolz..
char siew sou..=)
ju cheong fan..=) it.
siew mai (:
egg tart..LOVE IT!!!
i juz love their dimsum soooo much..its very nice!!!!!we went to my grandma hse aftertat...and i juz sat at the living room and chit-chatted wit my grandma awhile..and i started felt sleepy..i turned on the tv..watching to the entertainment news..and i fell asleep..lolz..i fell asleep 2 times man!!!and i went to my mom's side grandma hse around 5pm...chit-chatted wit my cousin as usual..having dinner wit them and we off to home at 9pm...i'm watching to the drama once i reached home..and i fell asleep ONCE again..=.=''' tired am i huh??=( i'm stil online right here..coz i don even wan to sleep if there's stil early...=)..oohhh yea..we are having a random party at my dad's office tomoro nite..haha!!nt so happy actually...coz its juz a so called party..=.=''' i hope it wont be so boring tomoro...and i think i need to wake up early tomoro again..=.=..iissshhhh..its 2.30am now..stil early rite??bt i gt nothing to write dy..stop here..ciaoz..

stay tunes..

p/s:khai ping,don think so wil be a better day..i'm always here for u..muacks..
p/s:i hope it wil be a nice party tomoro..=)
p/s:my dear,miss u 99!!!!!love u always..muacks..

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