Tuesday, December 2, 2008


went to my grandma hse yest..and i gt nothing to do at there as well..chit chatted wit my grandma awhile thn i went to upstair and found out those singer album at my cousin room..haha..i'm gonna to borrowed it from my cousin..as i noe i gt nothing to do at home always..tat's y i borrowed some album from her..i wish those album can happy up my day..=)..and i borrowed jolin's and S.H.E album from her..hehe..i do really love this 2 singer..thy r my idol always..haha!!and i saw gt congkak at her room..so i played it wit my lil sis..coz 2 of us r so so so boring...pictures here..

awesome guli..=)

bt we juz played 3 rounds..and i'm the winner in these 3 rounds..my lil sis never won once..haha..aftertat i watched to those dvd from S.H.E album at my grandma hse..hehe..watched 2 times..=.=..went to my mom's side grandma hse around 6pm as usual..chit chatted for non stop wit my cousin of coz..hehe..after having dinner thn went back home at 9 something..once i reached home i watched jolin's dvd..hehe..and my mom's watched it together too...haha!!and of coz i online as usual after all tat...offline at 4am something..and someone asked me to waited for his called..so i waited..while waiting..i'm fell asleep dy..bt thn i stil can heard the phone rang of coz..haha..i'm nt a pig..=p..he called me at 5.45am something..my goossshhhh!!!and we talked til 7am in the morning...keke..coz he stil need to wake up at 11am..coz he wanna fly to **dy...sad..='(..and i woke up around 1pm today..after having my brunch thn received his msg..he said he's at airport dy..asked me to take care...hehe..of coz i wil my dear..and u muz too..=)..and now i juz can wait for his msg..coz he wan to get there de num...so i juz can wait wait wait and wait..=(..hope he can get it ASAP!!!if nt i'm gonna to mad soon...erm..and i watched once again to the S.H.E dvd...haha...watched 3rd times..=.='''..sweat..and i'm goin to rebonding my hair at 1u tomoro..coz cny is around the corner..haha..so i wil upload some pic after i rebonding my hair yea..=)..i think i'm gonna to stop here dy..

stay tunes..
p/s:i do really love u my dear...waiting for u here...muacks...

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