Wednesday, December 17, 2008

i love my babe girls.

and 3 of us..=)
went out wit my babe girls today..i really miss them so much...and yeah..we met up each others today...*happy-ing*..and i was late..supposed to wake up at i woke up at 10something..almost 11am dy..and thy r on the way dy..lolz..i teached them all the way from sentul to my hse..haha!!coz thy dunno the road..i'm stil busying make up whn thy reached my hse..and yeah..thy waited me in my sry girls..let your waited for me like to 1u once i dressed up..and having my brunch at mcd..after mcd and we planned to took pic...we always did it whn we went for shopping together..=)..and we busying took pic wit those cute we din buy 1 oso...=.='''...camwhoring like there was no tomoro...hahahahahahahah!!!off to my home aftertat..and we busying send those pic tat we took on each hp..thy 2 back to home aftertat...nth much to talk..juz lets the pictures do the talking la..
1u...nice huh??=D
me and khai ping..

merry x'mas everyone..=)
we love the bear..=)

wat pose is this??==
i like this..=)

i juz love u 2 very very much..=D

juz finished yc wit huei..DAMN!!F.U.C.K~~!!!u all noe y?whn we was yc tat time..i saw gt a guy keep staring at us..wat the hell??!!i dunno wat race is him...mayb indian or "wai lao"...he oready paid the bill i he was stil sitting at there..whn we wanna back tat time..and he back!!i drove my car as fast as i can..coz i'm scared he wil follow us..and whn i passby his car..he bye bye to us...OMG!!!me and my fren don even bother for wat he did those damn stupid thing..and PLS la..go to hell better...SHIT!!after dropped by huei..thn i drove as fast as i can and went back home...DAMN SCARY!!!!ohh babe rene girl is crying for non stop today..coz she's nt feeling well...damn pity..i think i wil send her back tomoro morning..if nt i really cant stand for it..and i dowan to see my babe cry again and again...=(
its 0345 i don wanna to sleep 1st..haha..stil gt many pic wan to upload i'm u guys can check it out at my facebook album yea..thx..=)

stop here..

p/s:i love my babe girls..=)
p/s:i miss u like mad..='(
p/s:i can wait for u to make your i gt my limit for waiting oso..

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