Saturday, December 6, 2008

i'm a bad girl..

juz gt back from starbucks wit my cousin's and lil sis..=) i had mentioned tat i wil went to those boutique wit my aunt today at my earlier post..yea..we went there juz we all dint get any stuff..ha!!we went there around 4pm..and we went to pappa kopitiam had a drinks..and i ordered cendol for myself..=) i cant finished to home around 6pm..and my aunt playing mahjong wit my mom..and me watching for the hokkien singing competiton at channel 333..ha!!my cousin all busying for online..keke..finished watching tat thn i watched the dvd..wat dvd again??jolin' idol..=)..after all tat..thn my lil sis decided went to we went there and had a drink lo..ordered chocolate cream favourite..=) to home at 12.15am..coz the shop is goin to closed soon..hehe..we gt nothing to do at home..and we decided to played jenga..supposed to play nt nice to play if juz 4 juz played jenga wit 1 of my cousin.. my cousin off to home around 1am..after thy went back home and i started online here..hehe..there's no pic of the day...keke..nth much to talk dy..stop here..its 3.00am i don feel wan to sleep now..haha!!gt to check my frenster dy..ciaoz..


p/s:the 1st day u called me whn u r at ** now..haha!!i'm quite happy whn saw your name appears at my nt so happy oso..coz something happen..coz someone beeing busybody always..and we wil get heart attack soon..and u always don wanna to reply my msg..haiz..i oso dunno wat to whn i heard your voice..i'm vry happy..stil the same here..miss u and love u wit all my hearts..muacks..

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