Friday, December 19, 2008


ya..i'm very stress..stress for some reason...i'm a bad girl rite??ya..i noe i'm a bad girl..=( aunt came to my hse today..thy cooked "gai xi ho fan"...its very very nice man!!!!!!!!i like it...and went to 1u wit my aunt and my cousin...coz thy wanna bought some tops or even pants for cny..thy gt it of coz...and i gt myself 1 pair of earrings from padini...its very it..i saw 1 of my malay classmate at padini concept store..hoho..she working at there..chit-chated wit her awhile..while waiting for my cousin at fitting and my lil sis went over to starbucks bought our favourite drinks..coz we are damn to home aftertat..and i make some prawns wantan for "gai xi ho fan"..ohh..its my cousin birthday awhile aftertat..thn having dinner at 7something..blowed cake around 9..and we went to playground for chit chatting wit my cousin after cousin back around 10pm..and my dad's frens came over my hse around 10.30pm...coz thy wanna eat "gai xi ho fan"...its delicious...=)..ohh yea..i did my hair colour yest..cant see it clearly throught by pictures..==..

here's some of the pictures tat i took today..

i likey(:

me and pui yee..=)

here's the birthday boy..=)

happy birthday to u..muacks..

a simple birthday cake..=)
forgot to show u all this cute baby on my earlier post..i love this baby so much..haha!!i wil be busy in these fewdays..coz i'm goin to malacca tomoro morning..need to go be4 goosshhh..its 3.00am now...few more hours only..i think i no need to sleep today..haha!!wil be back on sunday..oouuuhhhhhh~~!!!! i juz cant wait it..=)..tat's all for now..muacks..

stay tunes yea peeps...

p.s:i'm very stress now..dunno wat to me pls GOD!!!!
p.p.s:can u give me a good answer?i cant wait dy..=(

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