Wednesday, December 10, 2008


had a random party yest nite..=.=..erm..its stil okay for me..lolz..met up wit some of my cousin..its been an age din meet up wit we do chit chatted at there..=) dad bought pizza hut and kfc for our dinner..and some soft drinks..
hawaiian chicken..=)
pictures tat i took yest..=)

i'm become fatter and fatter nowdays..='(

nth much to talk about yest..juz chit chatted wit my cousin at there..and we off to home at 12am..i online once i reached home..ha!!oohhh cousin overnite at my hse til this sat..=) til 3am something thn off to bed..
and i woke up at 12pm something mom woke me up..supposed to wake up at i cant even wake up..lolz..hell it was late...coz we need to accompany my mom went to dressed up myself asap..and we headed to 1u at 1something..had our lunch at dragon-i once we reached..coz my mom was so hungry tat time..i juz ordered 1 mango sai mai lou for myself..coz i'm nt hungry at all..lolz..even my lil sis and my cousin too...coz we had our brunch be4 we went out..they 2 juz ordered ice lemon tea..ha!!
mango sai mai lou..yummy(:
after we ate..and we walked to mom decided to bought some tops..coz she's goin to macau tomoro...but she cant found the top tat she sis gt 1 top at there again..=.='''...aftertat we shop around the mom bought her stuff at there...and i asked her go to la senza..coz i wan to buy bra at there..lolz..their bra is so nice man!!!i gt 2 bra from there...quite expensive actually..haha!!and we went and bought some donuts as our breakfast for tomoro at big apple..and we off to home around 4pm i think...and i drove to starbucks there's around my hse area here once i reached home..coz i juz miss their chocolate cream chip so much..haha!!and i started felt sleepy at 10pm..always the same..i always felt sleepy at 10pm..dunno i took a nap while watching drama wit my mom..haha...and my mom woke me up whn they finished watched..lolz..and i'm here online now!!!i'm vry happy coz i gt it at la senza..muahahahaha!!!nth much to talk dy..stop here..ciaoz..


p/s:u gave me a surprised yest..its really a big surprised for me..=.=''' u nt yet make a dicision til now..i'm afraid of u..muacks..

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