Friday, December 12, 2008

talk to me.

i went to work yest..coz my mom was i need to helping out..=)..i felt very tired while i'm working eyes quite pain..='(..i think its coz of i'm nt enough sleep in these few days..damn tired man~!!!had our dinner after work...nth special yest..and i'm always waiting for someone to called me at nite..hmm..nt nite i morning..=.='''slept at 7am something..and i woke up at 12pm dad woke us up...coz i need to helping out something..and oso my photo is ready..its at 1u kose took my photo juz nw..and straight went to work..=.='''..wat again??tired,tired and tired!!and something happened..make me felt super down~!!!!i don wanna talked to anyone tat time..juz keeping sms wit my babe khai ping..i juz love u so much biet..muahahaha!!!and i kept think the way for someone..and finally i found out the only's my planned for u??good rite??haha...juz now went out and bought vanilla cream from starbucks again..dunno y i very very love their drinks nowadays..=.='''..and when i wan to started online juz now..u texted me..oohh..its so sweet msg from him to me...hahahahaha!!!u noe i juz love u so muchhhh!!!!nth much to talk dy..i'm very lazy to post my blog today stil here..=)

its a calendar from magnum..i juz love it so much..nice rite?=)

ohhh yeah..i wil nt be online in these fewdays i secret..cant wait..and i'm goin to supper club on sat..juz cant wait it..haha!!

tat's all..

p/s:biet,i very worry about u actually..u told me tat u cant sleep well in these fewdays..u need time to rest babe..really..and u juz don think so much..ok??muz be tough yea..muacks..we muz meet up 1 day yea..loves..
p/s:cant wait for sat,coz i'm goin to clubbing at supper..=D
p/s:i love u u much much man!!!!muacks...

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