Monday, December 22, 2008


i'm back here..and i have to mention tat i'm super tired nw~!!!my more energy..==

ya..i'm juz back from malacca..wat i did in these few days in malacca??hmm..nth special actually..

-i never sleep once on thurs nite..
-go and fetched my fren..siew huei..
-went to puduraya bus station by putra at kelana jaya at 8am something..
-reached malacca around 1 pm..and my boy came and picked us up at bus station..
-went over to our hotel aftertat..
-took a nap once we entered the hotel..died tired..
-yamcha wit my boy and his frens..
-having dinner wit his family..
-supposed to clubbing at we ended up and yc wit bunch of his frens again..
-back to hotel around 5am i think..

-woke up around 9am something..
-check out around 11am i think..we changed to another hotel..
-went to his hse and having our brunch..wat's my brunch??its soup..lolz..
-went out yc again wit his frens..
-back to his hse after yc..we have a rested once we reached..
-having dinner wit his family..
-off to our new hotel around 8pm..
-went to clubbing around 11pm..
-yc again after clubbing..
-back to hotel around 5am..

p.s:we juz slept for few hours..and we keeping yc for non stop..lolz..all his frens r so funny..u wont be boring whn yc wit them..ohh yea..i was juz sitting at the DJ place whn clubbing..nice man!!!can saw all ppl dancing there..y can i entered into the DJ place there?becoz they r my bf frens..and their music r so nice...better thn supper club wan..hehe..coz supper club sometimes keeping repeated..wth rite??haha..

-woke up at 7am..
-prepared everything and got ready to checked out and back to kl..
-bought bus ticket..9.30am..
-nt really wan to go back actually..coz my boy..='(
-we gave goodbye kiss to each others be4 i entered the bus..
-reached kl at 11something..
-went to sentul station by lrt..
-my mom fetched me at sentul station..
-off to my grandma hse..
-had "tang yuan" as my brunch..
-slept at living room from 12 to 4pm..i'm really dead tired..
-having dinner wit my relatives..
-off to home around 9pm..

p.s:we juz slept 1 hours something..tired tired and tired..ohh!!my goosshhhh...i miss the kiss tat we gave to each others be4 i back..haha..i juz love u so much my boy...miss u always..muacks..

many ppl went to malacca in this holiday..y huh??lolz..ohh elder sis is coming back tomoro...wooohhhoooo~!!!we wil go and fetch her at airport..hehe..cant wait for it...hehe..and something nt good for me too...SHIT MAN!!=(

happy "dong zi" to everyone..LOL!!!


p.s:i really cant wait dy my heart was very pain whn tat thing happened it again and again...='(
p.p.s:love u as always of coz...muacks..

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