Tuesday, December 16, 2008

supper club.

juz back from starbucks...lets talk wat i did in these fewdays yea..friday..went to ikano wit my lil sis and cousin..we went there juz for fun..coz we gt nothing to do at home..after ikano..thn we straight headed down to kl..and i went to fetch 1 of my cousin..coz she wanna to followed us and went to pm..and once i parked my car..and it was raining..wth??!!!bt we waited inside the car...be patient abit la kan??muahaha...luckily juz raining awhile only..we bought our dinner at pm..and went back to my grandma hse aftertat..we back to home after having our dinner at my grandma hse..tat's all for my fri..=)

saturday..went to my dad office..becoz i need to helping out..bt i reached there at 3pm..its was late i noe..my dad ngam me..=.='''...and it was a damn heavy rain be4 i reached office..my whole body r wet..even i'm wit an umbrella..damn suck...wth...=.=...and i went to my grandma hse as fast as i can after worked...coz i'm very rushed tat time...need to dressed up nicely and went to clubbing..wahaha..my cousin kept rushing at me...lolz..coz we need to ate be4 we went to supper club...and i noe i'm late...bt i oready tried my very best to make it early..=)..hey..this was my 1st time went to clubbing..haha..damn outdate right??=(..haha..and i changed my hp wit my cousin's..coz her phone camera is better thn me..5 mega pixels man!!!so y not??haha...i drove to my cousin hse once i dressed up..and i parked my car at my cousin hse..coz my cousin's bf fetched us go..haha!!we went there around 10pm..there r around 30 ppl going together if i nt mistaken..and i saw 1 of my fren there too..ah bel..haha..i drank 2 and the half bottle of heineken and 1 glass dunno wat mix wat..=.='''..lolz..and i started dance after i drank alcohol..=)...and i felt i'm pening whn i dance...bt i don care la..haha...and my cousin wanna find her fren..coz her fren is at outside..thy ate "lok lok"..my cousin ate too..i juz ate satu biji meat ball...we all r goin tipsy..i cant even walked properly...pening like hell...Lolz..after we ate,thn we go in and dance again..haha..and my heineken hilang dy once i back..dunno which ppl took dy..==..stil gt half bottle leh...haiz..bt luckily my cousin gave me another bottle..it was half bottle oso..she said she dowan to drink dy..so i drank of coz..haha..i like clubbing..i like it so much..haha!!and we went back home around 2 am...i overnite at my cousin's hse..i felt wanna puke once i reached at my cousin's hse...bt i'm nt of coz..haha..slept at 6am..and woke up at 9am..Lolz...

i juz took few pics..so let's the pictures do the talking yea..=)
be4 goin out..=)
me and my cousin..=)
me and jessie..=)
4 of us..me,jessie,and 2 nice girls..forgot wat's their name dy..sry..=D
forgot wat's the girl name oso..i mean the 1 wit blue colour tops..hehe..

sunday..as i had mentioned i woke up at 9am..i wake my lil cousin up once i woke up..coz we planned to had breakfast together..we had our breakfast at uma rani which is located at jln ipoh there..=)..headed to my grandma hse after our breakfast..coz i wan to removed my makeup and oso bathed..i noe i'm dirty..lolz..bt no choice..coz my stuff all are at my grandma hse..haha..i quickly removed my makeup and bathed once i reached at my grandma hse..really cant stand for it..i felt tat i'm dead tired after i done..we had our lunch around 4pm at mutiara complex..send my cousin bck and went to my mom's side grandma hse as we did on every sun..my aunt's cooked "gai xi ho fan" as our dinner...aaaawwww~~!!!!it was damn delicious..haha..headed back home around 9pm..and my niece and nephew overnite at my house..=)..i took a nap at living room once i reached home..really cant stand for it..woke up at 11something..thn online..haha..off to bed around 3am something..it was stil early for me..hehe..coz i'm tired..=)

Lets the pictures do the talking..

lets see how charm i look..=(..coz without makeup and i'm dead tired..
rene girl..=)

enjoyed our ice-cream..=)

monday..woke up at 1am something..bt i'm stil tired like hell..Lolz..juz stayed at home for whole day..ooohhh yeah..my mom bought me 2 jacket and 1 cap from macau..ohhh..it was so damn nice..i juz love it very much..=)..its 1 of japan brand..LIZ LISA..which is located at macau..i saw damn many nice tops inside tat catalogue..bt my mom said its very expensive man!!!bt she bought me a cap from there oso la..haha!!happy..=D..and their packing is so damn nice!!!!!

nth to talk dy...stop here...=)
p/s:i cant wait to see 2...miss your very much...we meet up tomoro...happy..=)
p/s:i miss my dear so much...miss him like mad..=(..love u..muakz..

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