Tuesday, December 1, 2009


okay, is time to update my blog..
coz i stil got lots of stuff need to update..duhhh
lazy lazy lazy!!!!!!

went to maison wit phinn,my boy and his frens..
it was my 1st time club wit my boy..haha

camwhored be4 club

inside the car..

and we did the same thing..tat is..
me and phinn syok sendiri again and again..haha
this is wat we always did whn club..arent we? =p

and here we started to camwhored again..
babe phinn..


we got a beer from a stranger..=)
nice right?haha
ohh yea..i remembered tat im tipsy tat night..eewww!!
potong steam~!!!!!

and here..me and my boy,wei kiat. <3

sweet sweet love. haha!

off to home around 5.30am..
tired man!!!
til then..

the next day..8/11/09..sunday
went to 1u wit my boy and phinn..

camwhored again..

the sexy babe phinn..<3

me. took by the pro "photographer"!! LOL!!!

i like my heels. <3

i forgot wat we did tat day seriously..
jz noe tat we had our brunch there..tats it!!haha.

off to baby's house aftertat..

my love <3

camwhored at his hse..
as wat phinn said,take pic at his living room damn nice coz of the lighting..haha!

stil the same..
cant remember wat we did..haha
til thn..=)

the next day..9/11/09..monday..

send phinn backed be4 meet wit my baby..=)

and here..
my mom asked us to eat the bread be4 goin out..
so y not?haha

funny shit...

we had our breakfast around 12 something..=)

look at our face..without makeup..
damn pale and nt much diff if compare wit zombie..duhhh


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