Wednesday, December 2, 2009

An Event♥

im working for an event..wat event is this?
its something like charity..=)
it held at somewhere at serdang..
and i think its a private event..
our working time jz 4 hours..
we worked for 2 days..which mean 8 hours..
bt the pay nt bad tho..quite high..haha!!

camwhored again..wit babe phinn..=)

kawan baru,Rita.. pretty girl =)

3 of us..=)

okay,wat's our job?our job is an usherette..
its something like thy wil use all the money for charity..
those ppl are damn rich..millionaire or even billionaire..MY GOD!!!
and and is USD!!! NOT RM!!

arrange all the chips..haha!!

our job is jz explained hw to play and play wit them..
easy and fun..=)

Dare or nt dare? LOL

started camwhored around again be4 it start. =)


USD 100,000..


1 fines 20? 1 pays 30? LOL

this is another game..
thy had many i jz took 1 of this..coz jz beside my booth..=)

we started from around 6 if nt mistaken..
ended around 9pm..nice right?

after work..tiring face!!!terrible man!!
went to had dinner at BRJ aftertat..
off to home around 12 am..
tats all..=)

the next day..18/11/09..thursday
working oso..
something happened whn the time we are on the way to ashley's hse..
i don wanna to mention it..==
coz it wil spoil my mood seriously..

camwhored again..


my emo face..LMAO!!
don even make me emo..
if nt i wil look at u wit this face..LOL!!!!!!

we are all in black..
coz all of us muz wear black dress..=)

the usherette huey..LOL

me and vivian..=)

me and annette..=)

and of coz my babe phinn here..=)

with rita..=)

its an easy job actually..
bt due to we have to stand for 4 hours and due to our high heels..
make us feel damn pain!!!
pity for our foot. =(

the cute girls dancer..LOL!!!

look at professional usherette..LMAO!!! =P

show your my ugly pic here..ngek!!

had dinner at hartamas oldtown aftertat..
off to home around 2am something..
damn tired!!
thx for babe phinn send me home due to my stupid car prob!!!
love u always babe phinn..


p.s: 5 more days to go :)
p.p.s:i want your love. wwweee :D

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