Wednesday, December 30, 2009

♥Taiwan Trip♥ 4th day

-planned to wake at stil the same, cant even wake..=___=
-morning cal at 6.20am..
-went to TaiChung, and Wen Wu temple..
-went to Mao Wang Ye Residence LingZhi centre..

my cousin..=)
thy are "tu di" ren..thy are many types in taiwan..
and thy lack of guys there..thy need guys..LOL!!!
kept asking those guys to stay there..=____=

-went to Sun Moon Lake aftertat..

us wit my daddy.. =)

we had boat ride there..

and here Tea Egg..DAMN NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you wil regret if u don eat, seriously!!!!!

Wen Wu temple..

the older til the younger..=)

and here my zodiac sign..snake..=)

tea factory aftertat..

and here..FengJia night market..

i likey..NICE!!!!

u cant even stop to buy stuff there..OMG!! =D

Da chang Bao Xiao Chang..
Big sausage wit Small sausage..=____=
nt nice!!!! ==

spot the M??haha

their McD..

Jolin..LOL!!! =P

i bought happy meal..LOL

on the way backed to hotel..

pei yee... =)

their apple pie nice!!thy used green apple..nt same wit m'sia..
coz here used red apple..=____=

7-eleven again..
7-eleven every night seriously...hehe


p.s: am i the best for you?

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