Wednesday, December 23, 2009

♥Taiwan Trip♥ 2nd day

the 2nd day..
supposed to wake at 6.15am i cant even wake..
coz im dead tired..hehe
woke up once morning call..our morning call at 9am..quite late right? haha

we went to "ye liu"..
the wind there damn super strong..
can fly there seriously..LOL!!!

huey. peiyi. felisya.

look at my hair..==

can u see a sliper??

can u see 2 dogs kissing?? =)

i believe i can flyyy~~!!!!! =P

went to "jiu fen" aftertat..
bought alot of stuff there..
and we had fishball and "ginger yam ball"..
1 word to describe..NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bubble tea...NICE!!!!!! their pearl very small..haha


ruimen,ken leong,huey,peiyi,felisya,serena.

their 7-eleven..apa pun ada...i likey!!!!!!!

my idol..Jolin Tsai..

listening to baby ipod there..

went to temple aftertat..
if u gt watch "yi nan wang"..
thn u wil noe this temple..LOL!!!

of coz la touch all..right?? =P

backed to Spring Resort aftertat..
and we went for sauna..
the tour guide said all muz naked..
at 1st i don dare..
bt ended up we all tried..haha

snapped 1st..

i rmb felisya almost fainted inside..LOL!!!!!
and this was my 1st time naked infront my cousin..
and oso public..LOL!!!!!

after sauna..

my face like a zombie..==


i sleep wit my cousin tat night..
my sis pula sleep wit my lil sis..coz our room ada cicak..DAMN!!
so me and my sis room tak de orang..LOL!!

we got alots of sticker from 7-eleven..see hw crazy we are?


im wearing japanese style sliper.. :D

felisya and my elder sis..

eating the AH Q mee..DAMN NICE!!!!!!!!!!
we bought alots from there..

my sis..

felisya and me..

busying stick the stickers..

wit specs..LOL

online-ing...chatting wit my baby ma..wat to do? haha

til then..

p.s: i do love u alots.

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